Indie Cup announces 49 finalists for Europe’s indie games awards

Indie Cup announces 49 finalists for Europe’s best upcoming indie games awards

July 5, 2024 – Kyiv, Ukraine. Indie Cup, an online festival of upcoming indie games, announced 49 nominees of its Europe’24 edition. The jury board has narrowed the list from more than 450 games developed by European teams that have entered the festival.

The absolute jury favorite is ODDADA, which is a nominee in 6 different categories at once. This quirky experimental game by a small German team allows players to create melodies from landscapes, buildings, and various trinkets, weaving them together into a bespoke musical piece. ODDADA is closely followed by the picturesque Nomori (or ‘the game you get if Portal 2 and Ghibli had a baby’) with 5 nominations; Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall, The Darkest Files, and Henry Halfhead all got 4 nominations each.


Browse the full list of nominees:

Half of the nominees this year are debut projects of their corresponding teams, with another half coming from experienced studios like Amanita Design (nominated 3 times for Phonopolis) and Brave at Night (Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall). Festival’s expansion to nearly 40 countries opened Indie Cup to a lot of new teams for the first time, with the final list of nominated games featuring titles from almost every European country.

Winners of the awards in all categories will be announced 1 August, 2024.

The Indie Cup Europe’24 jury board features experts from CD Projekt RED, Crytek, Remedy Entertainment, Ubisoft, ZA/UM, and more.

What’s next:
Jurying Round II: June 28 – July 28
Winners’ Reveal: August 1

In total, Indie Cup Europe’24 has gathered 451 in-development games from European countries. The festival showcase is publicly available at

Festival Activities
Awards for Best New Projects. Participating games are evaluated by a diverse panel of industry experts, with the winners set to receive awards, and all nominees getting feedback from the jurors.
Showcase of Upcoming Games. Developers get a chance to present their games on our website with dedicated profiles featuring trailers, screenshots, and game descriptions.
A Chance to Be Discovered. Publishers and potential investors turn to Indie Cup to discover promising titles and identify emerging developers.
Future Indie Cup Events. Participating in Indie Cup Europe’24 opens the opportunity to be featured in the next iteration of the Indie Cup sale on Steam, as well as our events on other platforms.

About Indie Cup

Indie Cup is an online festival of upcoming indie games and one of Europe’s leading online events for independent developers. Launched by GTP Media in 2016, Indie Cup has since featured more than 2,400 games, including dozens of titles that went on to achieve commercial and critical success.

Indie Cup held five dedicated editions in 2023, focusing on projects made in Central & Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Ukraine. Indie Cup is also regularly hosting special sales on Steam and other platforms, such as Indie Cup Celebration, and the Ukrainian Games Festival.


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