Thy Sword is a hack n’ slash platform game with procedural levels and roguelike elements. Inspired by classic games and executed with perfect controls and fun mechanics. Get ready for a heroic challenge! Better yet, summon a friend for a truly epic co-op adventure, …or a duel to the death. Whoever wins keeps his head. A world of Sword & Sorcery awaits!

The game you always wanted…graphics and sounds inspired by epic 80’s and 90’s golden games. Now it’s within your grasp with modern mechanics and responsive controls.

You, bold adventurer, must break the tyranny of the Dark Overlord. Your quest will be to obtain the ancient crystals of power with which to overcome the Dark Overlord’s rule.┬áCan you be that hero? Can you fulfil the destiny of greatness and bring deliverance to these shadowed lands? The answer lies in your heart…and Thy Sword!


Key Features:

– Single player or local co-op, player vs. player combat
– Procedurally generated levels
– Discover Heroes, Weapons, Items, Bosses and challenges
– Fast paced yet strategic combat, full controller support with customization
– Beautiful true resolution pixel art & animation
– Chip music created using the legendary SID (Commodore 64)

Thy Sword on Steam:

About GamePhase:

Three man Indie Developer from Finland. Developing games with passion, pixels and blood magic. Find out more at