By Night #2 Review

Writer: John Allison

Artist: Christine Larsen

Colorist: Sarah Stern

Lettering: Jim Campbell

Cover: Christine Larsen

Publisher: BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box




I have been looking forward to this issue so much after reading the first one, that I can’t even tell you how excited I was for this week (loads of great comics came out, besides this one, too). By Night is one of my new favorite series and this second issue didn’t disappoint. Happily reunited with the grounded Jane and wacky Heather, I traversed the world beyond the portal with them, laughing the whole way.


In a book like this one, pacing is very difficult to get right. You want to establish the characters in their own home base, so we get a feel for who they are, but you also want to give readers what they want: a new world to explore. The first issue did a great job of introducing the key players, but I was also anticipating the portal world for the whole issue and it never showed up, but here it is in issue 2, it’s fabulous, and I’m so interested in seeing more of it!

Part of the reason is the wonderfully vibrant art. By Night has a super cool, offbeat style, that is so conducive to animation, it’s got to be made into a cartoon movie someday. I am having a blast flipping through it, as all of the characters are so whimsically and wonderfully drawn. I also enjoy the backgrounds and how the colors are masterfully paired with the emotions of the characters.


The story is also impelling and the characterization is superb. Basically, this book is right up my alley and I can’t really find many faults with it. This second issue has me even more hooked on the series and there’s no way I’m letting it go, now. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t read By Night yet, definitely stop reading this review and go check it out!

Overall: 10/10


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