Flesh and Blood by Chris Geary and Simon Lewis


Greg Rucka’s Whiteout meets The Wicker Man in a tale of cannibalistic carnage.

LONDON, April 19, 2024 – With extensive credits in the world of film and television to his name, novelist and screenwriter Simon Lewis brings his cinematic sensibilities to the comic book page with the debut of FLESH AND BLOOD from the newly established White Hart Comics.

Joined by acclaimed artist and comics veteran, Chris Geary, who has been working tirelessly for the last decade with David Lloyd (V for Vendetta) on Aces Weekly, the book is a sumptuous folklore horror tale set in the Scottish Highlands.


“Chris and I have attended the same drawing class in Camberwell for many years, and I would always marvel at his ability to capture a face or a pose in a few deft lines,” says writer Simon Lewis. “Then he showed me his comics work and I was blown away by his skill at conjuring a scene. We would sit in the pub for hours talking about film and storytelling, but it took a scandalously long time to realise we should work on something together. We decided our first book should indulge our shared fascination with British horror. Chris really wanted to draw some dramatic snowy landscapes, and I wanted to channel and update some meaty gothic tropes, so it felt like a perfect fit.”


The discovery of a partially eaten corpse on the side of a road relights a smouldering obsession within paramedic Ruth Saran, and brings her back to the lingering question: who killed her husband? Her quest for answers leads her into the frigid depths of Scotland – and deep into danger – as she approaches a deadly reckoning with a family of killers who share a strange and grisly secret. Crime drama and supernatural strangeness collide in the debut graphic novel from writer Simon Lewis and artist Chris Geary, which has been likened to Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber’s groundbreaking series, Whiteout.


“As a screenwriter I’m used to being constrained by prosaic concerns like budget, the whims of actors and directors, and the ‘needs of the market’ – so I loved working with a true artist on a project that had no constraints beyond imagination!” adds Lewis excitedly. “Now I am thoroughly in love with the medium and look forward to writing more. In the meantime, I will keep working on film and television. A book of mine, BAD TRAFFIC, has been optioned for TV by Disney – and the pilot is due to be shot in June – so I hope to stay busy in both mediums.”


FLESH AND BLOOD is currently listed in the April edition of Diamond PREVIEWS catalogue (APRIL241852) at a retail price of $32.99, and is available to pre-order online or via your local comic shop for an August in-store date.


“Fantastic… Art, storytelling, colours are all really excellent!”

– writer/artist David Hine (Spawn, Spider-Man Noir, The Bulletproof Coffin)

“Got to tell you, I’m impressed by this… [it] reminded me of Miller’s Whiteout cover. Art-wise, it definitely looks like Year One/Born Again vibes. As a thriller it could happily sit on the shelf alongside Brubaker and Philips.”

– Awesome Comics Podcast (Episode 413)

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