Krimson Review

Developer: CryingPsycho

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Genre: Action

Publisher: PM Studios, inc.


Krimson is a unique blend of rhythm-based and platform gaming. It offers a dark, hellish experience, accompanied by an intense electronic and metal soundtrack. This combination creates a challenging and sometimes frustrating world, unlike any other platformer game. Krimson is available on PCs and consoles, too. I have reviewed a Steam copy.


You are a ball of what looks to be blood and guts rolling around across this hellish landscape, avoiding obstacles while a pulsating electronic and metal soundtrack plays. The soundtrack and music give clues on how to progress through the levels and when to move to avoid enemies and other nasties in each stage. Whilst the idea of the game is simple: roll this blood and guts ball around and capture fire that unlocks the next level, the game is far from simple and extremely tough and challenging. It really is hellish gameplay; it will challenge all players, and you will die often; it’s a matter of persistence to get further. It can be very frustrating at times, but that’s part of the charm of the game. The difficulty is high by default and will suit those seeking a challenge. This game will induce rage-quitting, again all fitting into the backdrop of the hell-like stages you will encounter.


The gameplay regarding mechanics, roll forwards, jump, double-jump, and scale surfaces is relatively straightforward. In each level, you must unlock a doorway to progress to the next level; this is done by capturing fire and proceeding to the exit, again easier said than done! The game does a fantastic job of creating a series of levels that stretch these mechanics into a brilliant but challenging game. The level design is superb.


Level design and visuals are stunning, and the dark and broody levels at the straight are reminiscent of what hell would look like; it’s a mix of destruction and decay. As you progress through the game, you will discover more levels that look characteristically different but still have hellish gameplay aspects. The soundtrack provides a pulsating effect to the levels, making them stand out even more gruesome and torturous, accompanied by a fantastic dark and wonderful soundtrack. Each death provides a hellish noise, and the screen becomes scrambled, too; it’s impactful and disturbing.


Krimson gets so much right. The level design, gameplay, and difficulty all fit into this hellish experience. It’s sometimes challenging and face-melting, just like the levels you will play through. The visuals and soundtrack are stunning; this combination makes this unique and memorable. The music’s use of beats to help you navigate the chaos-based levels is incredible. It becomes a hellish and nightmarish experience, just as the devs wanted. At times, you will become frustrated and full of rage, which is part of the experience. I loved the game, and it’s something that combines elements of a platformer, rhythm-based games and being in hell all in one. Some gamers will find this too challenging or just not like the soundtrack. At times, I spent a long time on certain stages, and it did become face-melting and needed a break! The devs managed to get the hellish experience into this game.

Overall: 8/10

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