Playtonic Friends Reveals Voice Actors for Elsie

Meet The Guardians! Playtonic Friends Reveals Voice Actors for Upcoming Rogue-Like Action Platformer Elsie

Embrace the chaos…coming to PC and consoles this summer

Burton-on-Trent, UK – 25th April 2024. Publisher Playtonic Friends and developer Knight Shift Games are thrilled to announce the star-studded voice actor cast of The Guardians, the powerful, high-tech androids from their upcoming game Elsie.

Releasing for PC and consoles in summer 2024, Elsie is a technicolor, hyperkinetic, rogue-like action platformer filled with procedurally generated levels, an army of robots to blast through, and a wide range of items and weaponry to make each run as unique as possible.

Who are The Guardians?

Driven to change the world Dr Grey engineered a team of high-tech androids with the power to prevent natural disasters. These Androids were known as “The Guardians”

Their true power lay in the Arclight Core, an energy source that allows them to bend the elements at their will. The world rejoiced in a new age of peace and safety…however this peace was short lived, as one day without warning or explanation, The Guardians disappeared.

Winds whipped, seas surged, and an army of robots laid siege to Dr Grey’s home, the city of Neotoño.

Amidst the threat of more disasters and attacks Dr Grey forged one final android…Elsie: built like none before her, she must find the Guardians and save planet Ekis.

A playable demo for Elsie will be showcased on the Playtonic Friends stand at WASD Live from 25 – 27 April at the Truman Brewery, London. Drop by the stand to meet the team and get some hands-on time with Elsie and other Playtonic Friends titles. Stay tuned for more Voice Actor reveal announcements soon!

Meet The Guardians


Lucy James – @lucyjamesgames

Celestia – Guardian of the Eclipse Skysport. Celestia was created to control the turbulent sky conditions around Planet Ekis.


Shelby – @itsgfreviews

Rosalyn – Guardian of the Jardin de Rosalyn. Tasked to maintaining the flora and fauna of the planet.


Fiona Nova – @FionaNova

Ashe – Guardian of the Forgemaster’s Caldero. A master of rock, fire, and metal.


Kellie Whisler – @PokeKellz

Trishula – Guardian of Trishula’s Tundra. Master of the cold, sent to the tundras to comb the fields of robot graveyards, to uncover clues as to why Ekis is falling apart


Ovilee May – @OvileeMay

Yennifer – A member of the Alpha Trio, Guardians of Circuit City. Yennifer is the powerhouse of the tram and an expert sword master.


Ashley Roboto – @AshleyRoboto

Megan – A member of the Alpha Trio, Guardians of Circuit City. Megan is the brains of the operation. Cool, calm.


Gina Darling – @MissGinaDarling

Cyndy – A member of the Alpha Trio, Guardians of Circuit City. Elite Sniper. Master of Ranged Combat. Keeps the team safe from a distance.


About Elsie

Critical Control

Experience the evolution of classic run and gun gameplay tightly tuned into a bullet hell ballet. Dash, dive and shoot across stages full or dynamic enemies whilst performing perfectly timed precision parrying.

Shifting Domains Await

With each new run, delve into the ever-shifting domains across Planet Ekis’s gorgeous neon-drenched pixelated biomes. Each environment has its own set of challenges with unique enemies to overcome as you learn attack patterns and weaknesses.

Augmented Action

Embrace the chaos of continually changing opportunities, making decisions about character upgrades, skills and weapons that will drastically change the feel of each run. Experiment with different playstyles and create synergies for devastating potential.

Master Melee Combat

Joining Elsie’s battle is Andru, a melee-based character with unique augments, weapons, and abilities that open up a slew of gameplay possibilities.


  • Adrenaline pumping platforming with unique parry system
  • Procedurally generated runs through neon-drenched pixel stages
  • Endless synergies with dozens of weapons, skills and augments
  • Tons of replayability with hours of content and daily challenges

Elsie will be launching for PC and consoles in summer 2024. Fans can Wishlist Elsie on Steam now.

Follow Elsie’s development journey on the Playtonic Friends on social media channels X / Facebook / YouTube / Instagram / Website

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