Southfield Announcement Trailer

Embrace your inner Bud and build a world of possibilities and bouncy, chaotic adventure

Middlesbrough, UK, 17th January 2024 — Developer Radical Forge, who have previously co-developed titles such as Gang Beasts and Sea of Thieves as well as their own IP Bright Paw, have shared the first details of the studio’s upcoming frolicking fun farmstead sandbox game Southfield. Players will be invited to take part in a special demo going live during Steam Next Fest in February. 

The charming island of Southfield beckons you to channel your bounciest vibes and become one with the Bud, a mysterious creature that sprang from the soil. Grow weird and wonderful crops, play and build with an array of fun toys, and roll or race your friends across the ever-changing Island. Combine chaotic crops with unpredictable effects, build your dream farmstead, and experiment with playful machinery. 

Expand your harvest with fun farming automation, help out the local inhabitants, side-step the mischievous Ruffians, and investigate the looming Monolith.

Key Features:

  • Combine chaotic crops with unpredictable effects
  • Play solo or co-op with up to 4 players
  • Experiment with playful machinery and toys
  • Explore the Island in endlessly creative ways
  • Track your discoveries in your trusty Almanac
  • Help the locals by completing quests
  • Create a playground for your friends

“Southfield is the culmination of a huge amount of imagination, trial and error, and sheer hard work by the Radical Forge team. We wanted to create an ambitious, silly farming game with ridiculous characters in a fantastical world.” said Bruce Slater, CEO and Game Director 

“Most of all, we wanted to build an island that generates fun’. And now we can get it into Early Access and see what you think. For me, this is where the game will take on a new life, and the players will take it in directions we can’t even imagine.” 

Southfield is funded by the Private Division Development Fund.

Wishlist Southfield on Steam today and stay tuned for the first playable demo coming very soon.

For more news and updates, follow Southfield on Twitter and Instagram.

About Radical Forge

Radical Forge started out in 2017 when Bruce Slater and Freddie Babord decided to establish a studio where triple-A quality and ambition didn’t need to be separated from values of kindness, creativity, playfulness and authenticity. Since then Radical Forge has earned co-development credits on titles they properly admire. If you’ve played Gang Beasts, Sea of Thieves, and Zombie Army 4’s DLC, you’ve probably enjoyed some of their work. Radical Forge released their own IP, feline puzzler Bright Paw in 2020. In 2024, the studio will publish their next original IP, Southfield, funded by the Private Division Development Fund.

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