Resident Alien: Book of Love #3 Cover Revealed

Writer: Peter Hogan

Penciller/Inker/Colorist: Steve Parkhouse

Cover Art: Steve Parkhouse

The agent who was trailing Harry tries to help him resolve his issues with the government, allowing things to quiet down a bit in Patience. Harry and Asta grow closer, romance blooms, and guards are let down. Life always has a way of keeping things exciting, and big things can happen in small towns!

“One of the most charming and wonderful comics being published today.” -Jeff Lemire

As romance blooms in the small town of Patience, reformed smuggler Don finds himself in trouble over an old debt, and curious Nurse Ellen finds her life at risk at her new job. Can Harry help solve the new mysteries and problems that haunt his friends? The comic series that inspired the hit SyFy show continues!








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