Written By: Christina Rice

Artist: Agnes Garbowska

Cover Artists: Agnes Garbowska, Sara Richard, Tony Kuusisto

Colorist: Heather Breckel

Lettering By: Neil Uyetake

Published By: IDW Publishing


Pinkie Pie is on a mission to discovery a pie that Rainbow Dash loves. Unfortunately, Rainbow Dash is a pegasus who has a hatred for all pies, except for her friend Pinkie of course. But is that soon to change?!

We all know that Pinkie Pie is the master of sweets and desserts, and they are a key ingredient in all her parties. However, her dear friend Rainbow Dash doesn’t share the same enthusiasm Pinkie does for pastry-based delights. Believing that every pony should love the flaky pies, Pinkie sets out to make Rainbow Dash try every pie in the world, in order to find one that beats all others! Blinded by her mission, Pinkie is in dire need of a friendship lesson.


Pinkie is a loveable party planner that we all adore, but wanting everyone to enjoy the same things she is passionate about is a bit of a push. Everyone is an individual, and we were not all made to like the same thing. This is a harsh lesson for Pinkie to learn, but it’s a must if Rainbow Dash wants to stay in shape as a Wonderbolt.

Applejack was unfortunately no help when it came to confronting Pinkie Pie over the pie obsession, leaving Rainbow Dash on her own with the mad baker. Rainbow continuously runs away from Pinkie when it gets too much. After one confrontation, Rainbow seeks out advice from the Princess of Friendship. After a clever scheme to make Pinkie realise the two ponies have different tastes, all was forgiven, teaching Pinkie a very valuable life lesson. Just at the end of the comic, you can also spot two very familiar science fiction characters; none other than Rose and the Doctor, from the world famous UK show, Doctor Who.


This issue can be bought in three variant cover arts. Cover A is by issue artist Agnes Garbowska, who depicts the story rather well; Pinkie Pie floats up to the clouds to surprise Rainbow Dash with a pie. Cover B shows the extent Pinkie goes to in order to find the right pie recipe for her Pegasus friend. Having baked numerous pies, Rainbow looks like she is about to snap once again. This cover is done with the coloring pencil ‘dream-like style of Sara Richard. Lastly, we have the cover RI by Tony Kuusisto. This is a charming image that is also very elegant. Princess Twilight is strolling down her corridor, with Spike by her side, with a few key scrolls in his claws. This is a calming image and one that is the polar opposite to what is happening in this issue.

With this one-off story done, I wonder what the next multi-issue adventure will be.

Overall: 7/10