House of Whispers #1 Review

Written by: Nalo Hopkinson

Illustrated by: Dominike Stanton

Colours by: John Rauch

Letters by: Deron Bennett

Cover by: Sean Andrew Murray

Published by: DC Comics/Vertigo Comics




I’m so excited the Sandman Universe is coming back for our viewing pleasure. For this first issue of House of Whispers, an awesome setting combines with intriguingly powerful characters for an otherworldly story that both fits right in and is very distinct from the world we’ve all loved for decades.

As a whole, the plot was compelling, and I am looking forward to delving more into this story in the future. As individual scenes, it felt a little disjointed here and there and the pacing could have used some work, but introductory issues often have hiccups before everything gets smoothed out. A little more attention paid to the plot would have helped, I think, even though I was happy to explore this world and everything in it along with the creators.


The varying aspects in this issue are all amazing. I am particularly fascinated by Mistress Erzulie and her houseboat: what a unique and wonderful character and setting. Uncle Monday only adds to the appeal, as far as I’m concerned. He’s very three dimensional. Alter Boi is also the bee’s knees. I even really like the characters in the moral realm, though I wondered why they played Telephone with only four people: perhaps this had something to do with Shakpana’s gossip/rumor infatuation?

Speaking of Shakpana, I loved the way he was depicted visually. The art in general was superb; there were a lot of highly detailed scenes that were done very well. Every once in a while, there was a drawing that didn’t seem as consistent as the rest (characters not really looking like they should from a certain angle, or a hand seeming awkward) but that’s probably just me nitpicking. I adore the layouts of the pages and the colors were done quite well, though sometimes the highlights on various figures and objects threw me off. Overall, though, the book is a gem when it comes to visuals.


Great beginning issue, and promises of future mayhem and magic await those who ascend from the swamps to party in the House of Whispers. I’m already there.

Overall: 8.5/10


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