Duck Detective: The Secret Salami Review

Developer: Happy Broccoli Games

Platforms: Linux, macOS, PC (Reviewed), Switch

Genre: Adventure, Casual

Publisher: Happy Broccoli Games


Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is a cosy mystery game. This game was developed by Happy Broccoli Games and published by Happy Broccoli Games. Duck Detective is quite a unique game, so there are not many games similar to this game, which sets it apart. This review was done for the PC, but the game is also available for the Switch, macOS and Linux. 

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is a single-player game where you play as the Duck Detective, Eugene McQuaklin, who has recently been divorced due to his splurge on bread. As the Duck Detective, you start off at his apartment, where you learn more about the protagonist upon receiving a call from BearBus, who has requested you to solve a case for them. You reach BearBus, only to find out that the case you are solving is to find out who stole the client’s lunch.


The controls for Duck Detective are extremely easy to get used to, and at the beginning, you are told what certain mechanics do. The controls are also shown on the screen with anything that is interactable. When playing on the keyboard and mouse, I found that there was no delay in the controls, and I had an overall smooth gaming experience. When starting the game, there are two options: the first one will not tell the player if their connecting clues are correct, and the second option will indicate if something is wrong when connecting clues. I like this feature as it can give players some leniency for assistance throughout the game.


The art style for Duck Detective: The Salmi Bandit features colourful and whimsical aspects that create a charming and captivating environment. The characters consist of anthropomorphic animals that have exaggerated expressions and are vibrant. Each character is unique, and I love the voice acting in this game, which was so unexpected. The voice acting I appreciate, so much because it goes so well with the character designs as it portrays the distinct personalities, which was just so much fun to listen to. The dialogue between the characters was quite humorous, which added to the charm and had a well-fleshed-out story that was put into this quirky world. The backgrounds and different areas are rich in little details, which brought the BearBus office to life. I enjoyed the subtle soundtrack, which had a mellow jazz noir feeling which went really well with the theme of this game. 


The game runs on a simple premise where you talk with characters, scan items for clues, and talk to characters about certain clues collected. The journal is your handy tool where, through the conversations, you have to piece together the character’s names or fill in the blanks to find the context of what happened. The fill-in-the-blank was an interesting and charming way to decode the clues that were collected after each segment and made it so that the player fully understood what was happening. I felt that the incorrect system sometimes failed the actual detective aspect only because you could easily sub out words to get the right one in the end, which at times would defeat the purpose. 


I found the game to be quite fun, and the story was silly, which entailed its own charm. The interactions between the characters would have to be my favourite thing about this game, as they allowed you to immerse yourself into the case. Finding the clues and piecing them together was pretty fun, but I wish there was a bit more to it. This game is pretty short; it took me around two hours to fully complete, so I would hope that maybe there could be additional cases for the Duck Detective to solve, which would add to the game even more. I do have to say that the ending was quite surprising, as it turned out to be more than just a silly old who stole my lunch case. 


If you are looking for a short, cosy, mystery-solving game, then this one is just for you. Duck Detective: The Salmi Bandit features amazing voice acting with quirky character designs and an interesting story that will keep players engaged. Deducting puzzles is not so different, making this game suitable for all players. Thus, be sure to check out Duck Detective: The Salmi Bandit!

Overall: 8/10

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