Double Fine’s All Night Extra Life Game Livestream – Nov. 4 at 9am PT

Double Fine’s All Night Extra Life Game Livestream – Nov. 4 at 9am PT

This Saturdy, November 4 at 9am PT, Double Fine Productions will kick off their 25-hour (adjusted with daylight savings time difference) livestream to raise money for Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the Bay Area. Streaming from their studio in San Francisco, the bravest and mightiest from the Double Fine team will stay up all night from nine to nine, and play some of the most interesting, weird, and silliest games they can find, including a number of unreleased indie titles that will be playable at the upcoming Day of the Devs festival on November 11.

Fans can tune in at any time on Double Fine’s Twitch channel to watch all the shenanigans go down, and potentially be treated to a special guest drop-in! If they feel inclined to support, fans can also donate here to help the children of the Bay Area.

The rough stream schedule is below, for your reference:

9am – a Wholesome, Nutritious, Balanced Breakfast

10:30am – Saturday Morning Cartoons

12pm – Day of the Devs: Multiplayer

1pm – Day of the Devs: Games from the Bundle

2pm – Cancer Awareness Hour

3pm – Psychonauts with the Next Generation

4pm – QWERTY

5pm – The Schafering

6pm – Get the cool shoe shine

7pm – Multiplayer Mayhem

10pm – Egyptology 101

11pm – Quarter Munchers

Midnight – Arcade Evolution

1am – Rhythm of the night

2am – Time Warp

2am (again) – Lost in time and space

3am – The Horror, The Horror!

4am – Tuck and Vic’s Bogus Journey


6am – Sunday Morning Fever

7am – Sunday Mornin’ Throwin’ down

8am – Light at the End of the Tunnel

9amSleepy time


More background on Extra Life: Starting as an online grassroots movement, Extra Life now unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, they’ve raised more than $30 million for sick and injured kids. Find out more here.


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