AOC Presents their Versatile Line-up of Monitors for Students

Amsterdam, 27 July 2023 – As students and pupils gear up for the upcoming school year, AOC and its gaming-focussed sub-brand AGON by AOC are excited to introduce an impressive range of monitors designed to cater to their specific needs. With a focus on functionality, innovation, and affordability, AOC offers a variety of monitors that empower students to excel in their studies whilst also providing immersive entertainment experiences. From portable options for students on the go to gaming models for avid gamers, AOC’s line-up combines cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, making the range the perfect choice for students across disciplines. AOC understands that students have diverse requirements, ranging from productivity and creativity to entertainment and gaming. To meet these varied needs, AOC presents a selection of monitors that deliver exceptional performance, stunning visuals, and enhanced functionality.

For enhanced productivity and multitasking
The AOC 24V5CW monitor is a versatile solution for enhanced productivity and multitasking. With its slim, compact design and powerful 24″ Full HD IPS panel, it delivers vibrant visuals that bring content to life – perfectly suited for tight spaces such as a dormitory, or shared apartment. The USB-C input supports 65 W Power Delivery ensuring seamless connectivity and the ability to power notebooks and other devices. Equipped with a 4-port USB 3.2 hub, a 2MP webcam with Windows Hello facial recognition, and an adjustable ergonomic stand, this monitor provides convenience and efficiency for students working on multiple tasks simultaneously. It is an ideal choice for students who need to attend online classes, collaborate on group projects, and engage in video conferencing.

Increasing the display size and resolution up a notch, the AOC Q27V5CW monitor offers a 27″ QHD display with a slim design and impressive IPS panel that provides stunning visuals and accurate colour reproduction. Its  USB-C input with 65 W Power Delivery allows seamless connectivity and device charging. It too comes with a 4-port USB 3.2 hub and the same 2MP webcam as well as an adjustable ergonomic stand, further ensuring convenience and versatility. Creative students involved in graphic design, video editing, and other visual-intensive tasks will be perfectly served by this monitor, whilst more screen real estate gives students the space needed to work on complex projects with ease.


Providing a truly immersive viewing experience, the 34″ UW-QHD monitor AOC CU34P3CV features a VA panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a 1500R curvature – practically replacing a dual monitor setup thanks to the ample screen real estate. With its USB-C input (65 W Power Delivery), 4-port USB 3.2 hub as well as RJ-45 input, it provides enhanced connectivity options. The monitor also offers a 100 Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync, making it suitable for gaming as well. Two 5W speakers, a height-adjustable ergonomic stand, and a KVM Switch for seamless device switching complete the whole package.


All three of the above models are Flicker-Free, meaning that by using DC instead of PWM to adjust brightness, the monitors do not exhibit any flicker behaviour, making them easy on the eyes when used for long hours. Furthermore, and particularly useful for students working on their assignments late at night, they all have a LowBlue mode in their OSD, which slightly alters the colour temperature to eliminate blue tones for comfortable viewing, especially in the dark.

For on-the-go productivity
Perfect for students who need to work on their assignments or presentations whilst travelling or for exchange-students studying in different locations, the AOC I1601P is a portable 15.6″ IPS monitor designed to facilitate on-the-go productivity. With its Full HD resolution and USB-C connectivity, it displays high-quality visuals and offers effortless connectivity. The slim design (8.5 mm thickness) and lightweight construction (800 g) make it easy to carry it in a backpack. The included smart cover provides protection during transport and doubles as a stand for easy setup. With auto pivot mode, students can switch between landscape and portrait orientations to adapt to any workspace. And with its USB-A connectivity using DisplayLink, it can be used with legacy laptops as well. The I1601P is also equipped with the LowBlue mode.


For immersive gaming experiences
With a sleek red/black accented design, the 23.8″ Full HD IPS gaming monitor AOC GAMING 24G2SPU offers a winning combination of speed, responsiveness, and visual excellence. Its colour accurate IPS panel helps students to excel in their day-to-day tasks and assignments. After studies, with a 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms MPRT, it provides a competitive edge for gaming enthusiasts. Its low input lag, Nvidia G-SYNC compatibility, and a variety of gaming modes offer a fluid gaming experience. The monitor also includes 2W speakers and supports the AOC G-Menu software for easy control of the on-screen display.


Boasting a larger 27″ QHD display, the AOC GAMING Q27G2S/EU delivers stunning visuals and exceptional performance. With a 165 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms MPRT, and low input lag, it ensures smooth gameplay and an enjoyable gaming experience. Thanks to its vivid, accurate IPS panel and sharp resolution, it not only proves itself in productivity tasks but equally in gaming. Its accented gaming design, thin bezels, and height-adjustable stand as well as customisable OSD through AOC’s G-Menu software make it a stylish and functional choice for gamers that are still in education. For healthy day and night use, both gaming models, the 24G2SPU and Q27G2S/EU, are Flicker-Free and also feature LowBlue light mode, too.

AOC understands the diverse needs of students and aims to provide them with monitors tailored to their specific requirements. Whether it be by maximising productivity, indulging in creative projects, staying productive on the go, or relaxing after work and studies by immersing themselves in a gaming session, AOC’s versatile line-up offers a monitor for every student’s unique needs and preferences.


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