Writer: Gabriel Hardman

Artist: Gabriel Hardman

ColorsRain Beredo

Lettering: Michael Heisler

Cover: Gabriel Hardman

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics




I’ll start this review with a big hell yes! Aliens!

The Aliens franchise is by far one of my favorite franchises. I grew up loving the trilogy of movies Alien, Aliens and Alien 3, never mind what came after those, I do like Prometheus but it didn’t have to happen. I had Alien comics and a slew of those awesome action figures, even Ripley, and the power loader.


Aliens: Dust to Dust #2 is written and drawn by Gabriel Hardman, the story is simple and good, the art is good and dark. The story follows a ship full of people in distress, they must have just escaped a xenomorph attack I’m guessing and everybody on board is a mess and terrified. It turns out one of the passengers was impregnated with a xenomorph and it bursts in a disgusting and brutal fashion out of the poor soul’s chest and escapes into the ship causing havoc. If that isn’t bad enough the ship ends up crashing and they’re all now stranded on a planet with a loose xenomorph. I hate to spoil so much but this issue didn’t give me enough to write about without filling this review with me gushing over the Alien movies.


As much as this sounds like just another Alien story I like it so far. I’ve read the trilogy of Alien novels that are canon to the universe published by Titan books in 2014 and they follow kind of generic Alien storytelling but as long as it’s written well then I won’t complain. I love the Alien universe and this Dust to Dust series looks good and is interesting enough for me to recommend it.

Overall: 7/10