Wunderling DX Review

Developer: Bitwave Games

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), Switch

Genre: Action

Publisher: Bitwave Games


Wunderling DX; is a bright and colourful game that evokes memories of retro puzzle and platform games. It does remind me of SNES and Mega Drive games, and it’s somewhere in between Mario and Sonic games but with an emphasis on puzzles. Retro puzzler is probably the closest in terms of genre. The game takes a humourful look at the genre of platform games; you play as an enemy in a normal platform game from the view of the enemy’s perspective. This does give the game a unique theme and context to the entire game, which is built upon as your progress through the game.


The main differentiator between this game and retro platformer and puzzle games is that the character automatically moves from left to right and reverses when you hit an obstacle such as a wall. You don’t control the lateral movement of the character at all. The player is in control of dashing, jumping, and using special abilities. While there is a huge amount of platform elements to Wunderling DX, the game is a puzzle game in essence. The player must figure out the best route to get the goal. After completing a series of puzzle-based levels, you will encounter the boss level, where the dynamic changes, and you must defeat the boss enemy. 


The game is a beautiful and fun-filled platform puzzle game that has a humorous look at puzzle platforms. It’s inspired by games from the SNES and Mega Drive but firmly stands on its own due to the humour, turning gaming conventions on their head, and allowing the user to only jump or use a special item as opposed to fully control the movement of your character like in a platform game.

A thoroughly enjoyable retro puzzle. 

A free demo of Wunderling DX is available on Steam and Switch too.

Overall: 7/10

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