Warcos 2 – Announcement Trailer

Warcos 2 is a dynamic first-person multiplayer shooter where you take on the role of an operator of one of the opposing factions: the “Alliance” or the “Syndicate.” Battle on maps of various scales and types of gameplay, using gadgets and abilities to gain an advantage in combat. Intense and brutal battles await you, where your individual skills and teamwork abilities will be rewarded to the fullest.

Factions: The Alliance and the Syndicate have numerous factions with their own characteristics. Level up your relationships with them, unlock personal equipment, customization elements, gadgets, and abilities.

Variety of weapons: From a standard pistol to an RPG, leaving no enemy unscathed. Choose, combine, and shoot!

Abilities: Use an airstrike to rain fire down on your enemies. Apply a jump pad to take a higher position. Or disable all of the enemy’s electronics with an EMP charge. The game offers a variety of abilities to complement and enhance your style.

A unique melee system: A unique close combat mechanic that tests your skills and ability to perform required actions quickly. Be prepared for a fierce battle with the enemy to survive.

Parkour: Overcome obstacles, climb ledges, and utilize the map’s features with this mechanic to the fullest.

Fight on the rooftops of the city, then head to the mountain base. Maps will throw various situations and beauty your way.

Developer: 4Tale Production
Publisher: 4Tale Production
Genre: Online FPS Shooter
Platforms: Windows/Mobile
Release Date: fourth quarter оf 2024
Official Website: https://4taleproduction.com/en/
Game page: 4Tale Production
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2498610/Warcos_2/

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