UNKLE brings brand-new track to C-Smash VRS

Electronic music legend UNKLE brings brand-new track to acclaimed PS VR2 title C-Smash VRS 

“Antimatter” (UNKLE Reconstruction), a remix of one of DJ Ken Ishii’s tracks from the game, is playable at BitSummit 2023 in Kyoto for the first time.

Released only three weeks ago, C-Smash VRS continues to expand across the universe at an astonishing pace, accelerated by new music from a music legend.

Game production studio and publisher RapidEyeMovers and developer Wolf & Wood are pleased to announce a collaboration with UNKLE, a brand-new action-packed level for the game built around a pumping new track, a ‘reconstruction’ of “Antimatter”, one of DJ Ken Ishii’s original tracks for the game.

At BitSummit 2023 – booth VR/AR-1 – the crowd will be able to experience the new level on PlayStation VR2 for the first time. DJ Ken Ishii will also be performing tracks from C-Smash VRS live on 14th July.

“Together with collaborator Miink, I wanted to create something with the energy of the original track and score, keeping it within the electronic world,” says UNKLE’s James Lavelle. “I really like the way the original track sped up, so I wanted to explore that idea of building intensity in a similar way through increasing speed. Ken Ishii’s music is rooted in techno, so I took inspiration from that genre in this reconstruction. This track is a teaser for bigger things to come between C-Smash VRS and UNKLE.”

RapidEyeMovers’ Jörg Tittel and Wolf & Wood’s Ryan Bousfield will also attend the event.

“Making C-Smash VRS has been my dream for over two decades, and only this collaboration with VR pioneers Wolf & Wood and other great artists and designers has made this possible. It’s amazing being able to unite our favourite musicians under one star system,” says the game’s director and RapidEyeMovers’ founder Jörg Tittel. “Between Ken Ishii, Danalogue and now UNKLE, we want to establish C-Smash VRS as not only the best physical solo and multiplayer VR game, but also the greatest place in the cosmos to experience music.”

C-Smash VRS is a reimagining of SEGA’s Dreamcast and arcade icon Cosmic Smash for VR and online versus gameplay.

Combining a low-gravity form of squash with timed block-breaking challenges, C-Smash VRS brings together the very best of racket sports and timeless action puzzle gameplay. Dashing and ducking from one side to the other and performing intense shots and trick smashes, players can use all walls as they journey through dozens of levels of fun and fitness.

Players can either play alone or forge a cosmic connection with a friend, exploring a variety of online versus modes. Soon, C-Smash VRS will welcome a number of new modes to enhance multiplayer and solo experiences, including an Infinity fitness mode, Co-Op, a much-requested Music Player and more.

Original dynamic tracks by DJ Ken Ishii (Rez Infinite) and synth master Danalogue (front man of The Comet is Coming and Soccer 96) – and now UNKLE – bring a pulse to the game’s striking environments – as well as the players’ bodies. C-Smash VRS is a new form of synesthesia. 

Produced and published by RapidEyeMovers and developed by Wolf & Wood, C-Smash VRS is the second collaboration between director Jörg Tittel and Wolf & Wood. Their first, ‘The Last Worker’ – the only game selected for the 78th Venice Film Festival – was released in March on VR, consoles and PC – including on PS VR2, of course.

James Lavelle (UNKLE / Mo’Wax) will head to Japan to DJ on three special dates in August
featuring DJ KRUSH.

Friday August 4th – Circus Tokyo
Saturday August 5th – Circus Osaka
Sunday August 6th – Marina Sunset @ Zushi Marina


About RapidEyeMovers 
RapidEyeMovers is a brand-new game production studio and publisher based in London, England.  
C-Smash VRS is their first game. Directional, an acclaimed podcast about videogames and the creative rebellion, hosted by RapidEyeMovers’ Jörg Tittel and Chantal Ryan, is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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About Wolf & Wood

Wolf & Wood are an independent games studio based in the North-East of England. The small but multi-talented team have written, designed and developed a number of first-person narrative titles including The Exorcist: Legion VR, which expands on the Oscar-winning horror franchise, along with their own award-winning games, A Chair in a Room: Greenwater and the rock’n’roll riot, Hotel R’n’R. 

The Last Worker is coming to PS VR2 as well as other VR platforms, consoles and PC. Wolfandwood.co  

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