Titan And Statix Press Explore The Afterlife With Alisik

Titan And Statix Press Explore The Afterlife With Alisik

Titan Comics is excited to announce a brand-new gothic horror series, Alisik – part of Titan’s Statix Press imprint which showcases the best comics from Europe and around the globe, to a brand-new US audience!

Written by Hubertus Rufledt with haunting art by Helge Vogt, Titan Comics’ Alisik is a cross between Emily The Strange and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book – a beautiful dark and gothic tale of mortality and what happens after death.

When Alisik wakes up alone in a cemetery, she thinks she’s in the middle of a nightmare. Terrified, she flees into the night, but realizes she is invisible to everyone she meets. She really is dead, with no memory of how it happened…and only the ghostly residents of the graveyard can help her unravel the mystery of her afterlife.

Alisik page1

Alisik started as a short animation I did during my time at Disney – something different, a bit darker, but not horror. Hubertus liked it so much, that we wanted to make a comic series out of it,” said Alisik co-creator and artist Helge Vogt, “Alisik became a part of my life. It’s the best I’ve done so far, and I’m thrilled that it’s coming out English!

Alisik page2

Featuring an all-new cover by superstar artist, Junko Mizuno (Ravina the Witch?), Alisik #1 will hit stores and digital devices on February 28, 2018.

Alisik #1 will be available to order from the upcoming December edition of Diamond Previews Catalogue.

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