The Relic: The First Guardian – Gameplay Video

As Perp Games have partnering with Project Cloud Games to publish their epic Action RPG game, The Relic: The First Guardian.

Perp Games have released a 5-minute trailer, giving an early glimpse of what players can expect, in early 2025, when The Relic: The First Guardian releases.

In this action RPG, you embark on a heroic adventure to save the world in the dark as the last guardian. The once-prosperous Arsiltus was swallowed up by the void created by the destruction of the great relic and transformed into the land of death. Now your mission is to find the pieces of the broken great relic and close the void.

This game provides in-depth gameplay with a thrilling battle and a variety of rune settings. Grow your character with various skills and your own settings, and explore the collapsed world while following an exciting story. You need to solve the riddle of Arsiltus, gather the pieces of great relic, and lead the world back to prosperity. You are the last hope of the Arsiltus. Start your journey as a guardian, gather pieces of great relic and close the void. Your adventure will bring Arsiltus into a new era.

In order to help us develop the marketing and the game throughout 2024 and deliver the perfect Action RPG, we invite gamers to join in a survey at the end of the video

If you complete the 10 minute survey, you will receive a 15% off voucher for our Perp Games Store: Perp Elite – Perp (

T&C’s can be found here:  

Action RPG Research Project Voucher Code T&C’s – Perp (

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