The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition Review

Developer: SNK Corporation

Platforms: PS4, PS5 (Reviewed)

Genre: Versus Fighting Game

Publisher: Deep Silver


The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition is the latest in the SNK classic beat ’em up series. It’s the latest version in the series that started in the early 90s. It has the classic King of Fighters gameplay and fighting styles. It has been updated for PS4 (current-gen consoles too) with updated graphics, characters, locations, online gameplay and some extra gameplay modes too.

King of Fighters has that classic 2D beat ’em up gameplay style and it’s particularly unique to it, this version features 3D graphics but you still fight along a 2D plane. The main game takes the form of 3 versus 3 and you battle through a whole host of competitors to become The King of Fighters champion. A narrative tries to tie down why you are battling all these characters from all over the world. It’s merely a sideshow to the main game action. The game contains a massive 58 characters with each having diverse and unique playstyles. 3 on 3 combat allows you to assemble a team with whatever your playstyle is ranged characters, wrestlers and mixed martial arts.


The visuals are bright and pack a punch, the levels enhance the gameplay and don’t detract from the action of the game. If you have played the likes of any King of Fighter games or Street Fighter, you will be able to get to grips with the game quickly. The actual gameplay and your moves are dictated by your character choice, nimble characters deal less damage but move quicker across the screen. Big and strong characters are slow but deal more damage and there are characters between each scale of weak and strong. The gameplay and controls are intuitive and responsive, the feeling of total control is always there. The chaining of combos and special moves have a satisfying feel. If you love fighting games or beat ’em ups, this has that superb 2.5D fighting gameplay. The gameplay is slick, fast and smooth. The main story mode is short and straight to the point, battle through a horde of competitors to face the final boss. Other game modes like an online, tutorial (training modes), time attack and survival add some other decent modes. Online and local multiplayer gives the game longevity and the ability to play others from all over the world to test your skills. The game is centred on its playability and fighting style which King of Fighters gets spot on. Online and multiplayer will keep fans of the series happy.


The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition contains:

8 DLC Characters (Rock Howard / Vanessa / Ryuji Yamazaki / Whip /

Heidern / Blue Mary / Oswald / Najd)

10 DLC Costumes

10 PS4 Themes

Overall: 7/10


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