Tangled: The Series: Hair and Now #1 Review

Written By: Katie Cook

Artist: Monica Catalano, Rosa La Barbera, Eduard Petrovich

Colorist: Vita Efremova, Ekaterina Myshalova

Lettering By: Chris Dickey

Cover By: Eduard Petrovich

Published By: IDW Publishing


From the hit Disney film and series, Rapunzel and Eugene return for another adventure. A series of one day thefts leaves the Captain Of The Royal Guard perplexed and in a state, as he can not figure out why all the crimes are connected. Rapunzel and Eugene, along with Cassandra set out on their own investigation into the mysterious crimes. In our second story, Pascal and Maximus make their debut on stage, unbeknownst to them.

This is certainly a new comic mini series directed towards existing fans of the Disney Channel Tangled series. As it takes place after Rapunzel gets back her long golden magical hair, and with new character Cassandra, who is both Rapunzel’s Lady In Waiting and BodyGuard. Since emerging from her tower, Rapunzel is always wanting to explore and help where she can. So there is no surprise that she insisted on helping the Captain Of The Royal Guard, instead of going on a date with Eugene. The crimes were random, but with Eugene’s unique knowledge of getting away from crime, they begin to uncover how all the items were stolen. The second story see’s Pascal and Maximus on a stroll through the town, when they get side tracked by a delicious bag of treats. Before too long, all eyes are on them.


Tangled is certainly one of my favourite Princess films and Disney’s’ version of the heroine is a lot more strong willed than the stories I read as a child of the damsel in distress. This comic just proves that point yet again, with not one but two incredible female characters. I don’t know much about Cassandra apart from what I read whilst researching for this review, but she is just as strong as the Princess she is tasked to protect. Worried about the wellbeing of the Captain of the Royal Guard, who took her in and raised her as his own daughter. To go to the extent to involve the princess in helping her piece together and solve the crimes. Not only does she do this, but also manages to show just how capable she is to perhaps lead the Royal Guard one day.

This debut issue contained two stories, both of which were written by Katie Cook who has worked on numerous issues of My Little Pony and Marvel comics. Including her own webcomic, Gronk: A Monster’s Story. Rosa La Barbera contributed to the artwork in both of this issues’ stories, as well as Cover A, which has Eugene and Rapunzel in the centre, as well as another familiar character from the film. The RI Cover is by Gabby Zapata, with Rapunzel enjoying going barefoot on the Castle’s carpets, certainly a free spirited princess.

And that’s it folks, this issue was a good start for the latest comic mini series. Although completely aimed at fans who have seen the TV show, I was a tad bit lost at the beginning. After a quick online research I am now more or less caught up to speed on what’s been happening since the ending of the film. You can buy this issue digitally online through the IDW Publishing website, or in your local comic book shop now.

Overall: 7/10


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