Super Farming Boy – Demo Out Now

In Super Farming Boy, you assume the role of Super, whose mom and friends have been captured by the evil nemesis, KORPO®©TM. Unlawfully hiring you to work on your own land, Korpo taxes all proceeds for himself! Now, with your friends and mom up for sale, you must harvest your way through some wacky challenges, saving enough to rescue them back!

The game is participating with a demo in Steam Next Fest campaign until June 17 and you can download it right now from the Steam page.

  • Superhero abilities: Super Farming Boy™ has the ability to walk, run, and even fly! Additionally, he can transform into any tool with a simple push or tap of a button.
  • Chain Reaction & Combos: Optimize your farm by harvesting a single crop and witnessing the chain and combo effects efficiently harvest your entire farm at once. However, meticulous planning in your planting efforts is essential!
  • Lots of Supertools to Upgrade: All SuperTools and powers in Super Farming Boy™ come in the form of old-school superhero trading cards. Unlock and upgrade them all!
  • Outlandish Seasons to Discover: Explore a plethora of unique seasons in Super Farming Boy™, including Spring, Winteria, Volcanic, Radioactive, Underwater (coming soon), and Timewarp (coming soon).
  • Idle helpers to collect: Rescue all your pets by purchasing them back from Korpo™®©! Each pet comes with a unique mechanic to help automate your farm.
  • No inventory management: Super Farming Boy™ eliminates the need for inventory management. All seeds and helpers are creatures that follow you wherever you go, avoiding the hassle of an ever-filling inventory!
  • Beauty Up and Customize it All: Personalize your BlobHouse with fantastic beauty items such as tables, rugs, and beds! Your home will be uniquely yours and look amazing with your creative touch.

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