SoKawaii July Box Review

I’m back!!! This time with my third consecutive SoKawaii box review. July’s box theme is “Dreamy Vacations”, and has items from Sanrio, Pokémon, Kirby and Cardcaptor Sakura inside.

Now just like I said in my last review of June’s box, this is not a paid promotion or a gift, I just love this service and wanted to review it for you lovely people. So for those of you that don’t know, SoKawaii is a Japanese subscription service, that put 6 to 8 items in a box each month and send it straight to your doorstep. Now the word Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute, which certainly describes the items they pick each month, as well as being practical they are also adorable and some are exclusives that can not be bought in shops – even in Japan. Intrigued yet? Well you can check out their Instagram for even more info and adorable pictures!


This month’s theme is centered around adventure and the summer holidays, so the items included will certainly help you along the way. In order to keep all your travel documents together, or the leaflets you’ve gathered from your trip, SoKawaii have included a Cardcaptor Sakura clear file. In order to keep you looking your best at all times, there is a very cute and travel sized pocket mirror, that comes in two Pikachu designs. Mine has a colorful Autumn motif with Pikachu sitting down.

Next is another very useful item, this one is to help you stay hydrated, with the Pokémon Pikachu and Eevee water bottle. This is even cuter in person and can be easily themed up with last months Little Twin Stars Thermos Bottle cover, to help you keep your drinks even cooler for longer in this Summer heat. How many times do you go travelling and worry about losing your luggage? Well with this tiny unicorn plush, you can use it to help identify your luggage quickly as it goes around the carousel.

Now in many parts of the World you can use a top up payment card to travel around on public transport hassle free. For Dublin there is the Leap Card, for Japan you have the Suica and Pasmo card. Now instead of having to constantly take out your purse or wallet to find your card, SoKawaii have included these very plush Sanrio travel pass holders. I got Pompompurin, which is very soft but can also be attached to your bag like a keychain and has a retractable wire built in so it’s difficult to lose it. Such a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to really test it out when I go to Japan. I have actually been looking for one of these online for quite some time, but could never locate one.


The next item we get is a Kirby lamp! Perfect for those weekends you might go camping if you’re feeling adventurous or if you’re like me, and would love to build a pillow ford in order to enjoy a good book.

Lastly we get a Re-ment Rilakkuma Terrarium, which comes in 6 designs and shows the numerous places Rilakkuma and his friends have travelled across Europe on their holidays. I got the Paris version, which has Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori.

Once again another fantastic box!

So here is the price break down of the box each month and the savings you can get.

1 MONTH – $35.00/mo

3 MONTHS – $33.50/mo

6 MONTHS – $32.00/mo

12 MONTHS – $31.50/mo

Each box has 6 to 8 items included and a few of them will be revealed online through the SoKawaii social media as the weeks go by. August’s box theme is “Summer Story”, which will feature goods from Sanrio, Rillakuma, Kirby, Sailor Moon and Toy Story with a few of the products included already announced across their social media.

Click on the link below to sign up today and get their newsletter.

Better yet there is free worldwide shipping, but I do suggest spending that extra few euros to get the track shipping, so you can locate your parcel once dispatched. So that is July’s box, I will be back again next month to show you what August’s box has in store!


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