SoKawaii December Box Review

It’s Christmas!!! Hello folks, I’m back again with another SoKawaii box review. This months’ is of course centred around the holidays, and is so jammed packed with goodies that they actually had to make a bigger box just to hold them all! This month we have some returning franchises including Pokémon, Sanrio and Cardcaptor Sakura – but first, let’s get down to the usual details.


For those of you that are just jumping into this article, this is now my 8th consecutive month that I have gotten this box. SoKawaii is a company based in Japan, home of practically everything kawaii (Japanese for cute). They create monthly boxes, jam packed with 100% licensed products from Hello Kitty, Pokémon, Sanrio and more. The items range from plushies to Gachapon, little figures, stationary, lifestyle, kitchenware and more. The staff at SoKawaii handpicks 6 to 8 cute & useful items exclusive in Japan, pack them up in this very decorative box and send it straight to your doorstep. You can also check out their Instagram for even more info and insights into what is currently appearing in Japanese arcades. As well as sneak peeks into what they could be including in next month’s box.


First off we have the Cardcaptor Sakura item, which is a nicely detailed official figure! Because of the size of this box, SoKawaii had to just make their packaging bigger. This figure is guaranteed in every December box and features the main character Sakura in her Tomoeda School Uniform. It’s a pretty sturdy figure, and only takes two seconds to assemble. It also comes with a small Kero-chan to hang from her arms. Now there are two issues I have with this figure, for one her complexion is a bit on the extra pale side. Also the packaging is excessive, as the figure only takes up perhaps a fifth of the box. If you are after getting this month’s box then you will know exactly what I mean. The only conclusion I could come to was that this figure was a claw machine prize at some point. Hence the uneven distribution of weight to make it more difficult to win. Now this has nothing to do with SoKawaii or the crate, but more to do with the manufacturer of the figure. Here’s hoping though that SoKawaii will include more figures of this scale in their boxes in the future, or perhaps even as an annual addition to their Christmas boxes.


Next up we have our Sanrio gifts, starting with an eco tote bag. There were three designs available and I got the Cinnamoroll one. A well stitched and sturdy cloth bag, which can be folded up and attached to your handbag by a clip. This is very useful for the season that’s in it, as there will always be something you’ll have to pick up on the way home, for example my almost daily weekday visits to the post office for the past three weeks. This tote will be staying in my bag everyday from here on out.


Our third item is a beauty product from Sanrio. A kawaii looking hairbrush that is both practical and super girly. This thick-handled brush, encases a vast amount of sparkles to give off that extra bit of magic as you start your mornings. This item was available in two designs, which I received the Kuromi version of. I think the second option may have been My Melody. I’m not entirely sure if I will be using it, as I feel it would be best suited to a younger girl.

Item four is our exclusive Pokémon item, which is known as a Furoshiki. Now on first look it does remind me of a bandana that I may have been rocking back in the 90s’. It is a strong made cloth that features seasonal Pikachu designs, with four available to cover each season. Japan is really big on gift giving and wrapping presents, it’s a big part of their culture over there. It goes so far that if someone at work goes away on holiday, it is expected that they bring back presents for their colleagues. So in the spirit of gift giving, the staff at So Kawaii have picked out these adorable Pikachu cloth wraps. I received Springs design, which features Pikachu and so many cherry blossom prints. This item is also Made entirely in Japan! However although its purpose is to be used to wrap a gift, I don’t think I will be giving it away anytime soon.

Our fifth item is one for the kitchen, as we get a box of 6 Sanrio themed resealable food bags. Yup you read that right! Food bags or sandwich bags, whichever you wish to call them. A cute way to pack your lunch each day, or if you are planning a trip away, they are great for separating your toiletries. I honestly don’t know when I will be using these, I am half tempted to put them aside for our Japan trip next year. These very useful to have lying around and they come in two different designs – My Melody and My Little Twin Stars Lala and Kiki.

And lastly we have our Sanrio Christmas Edition plushie. To top off this holiday box, So Kawaii have included a Sanrio mascot decked out as Santa in every box. With 6 different ones available, they are perfect to hang on your Christmas tree, I got the adorable Pompompurin for mine.

Well folks that is the end of 2019 and this months’ crate. It was once again well worth getting, even if just for the Cardcaptor Sakura figure. It was definitely a very Sanrio focussed box this month, which not only included a Christmas decoration but items for the kitchen, dad-to-day life and beauty. Once again it is a service well worth signing up to and I will be keeping my subscription going well into the new year.

Here is the price break down of the box each month and the savings you can get, weather you subscribe month to month, or for 3, 6 or even 12 months. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the box is each month.

1 MONTH – $35.00/€31.77mo

3 MONTHS – $33.50/€30.40mo

6 MONTHS – $32.00/€29.04mo

12 MONTHS – $31.50/€28.59mo

Better yet, here is a 10% discount code that you can use on your first box!

Now if you liked everything you saw in this review of December’s crate, rest assured that the items are different every month. Each box has 6 to 8 items included and a few of them will be revealed online through the SoKawaii social media as the weeks go by. January’s box theme is “Winter Celebrations”, which will feature goods from Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura and Sanrio, with a few of the products included already announced across their social media.

Click on the link below to sign up today and get their newsletter.

This service also offers free shipping, but I do suggest spending that extra few euros or dollars to get the tracked shipping, so you can locate your parcel once dispatched. So that is December’s box and 2019, I will be back again next month to show you what January’s box has in store in the new year! Until then, I hope you all enjoy the holidays and hope to see you all again at the start of the next decade.


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