Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra Review

Developer: Enchant Games

Platforms: PC, Switch (Reviewed)

Genre: Casual

Publisher: Mens Sana Interactive


Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra is a hidden object game. This game was developed by Enchant Games and published by Mens Sana Interactive and Enchant Games. There are many games similar to Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra, such as Cats Hidden in Paris, A Castle Full of Cats, Ever Seen a Cat and many more. This review was done for the Switch, but the game is also available for the PC.

Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra is a game where you are meant to find hidden musical cats in different locations. Each level is a themed location with various musical cats carrying unique instruments. The objective is to find 20 cats; 1 of the cats is a really shy cat that needs a certain sequence of music to be played to bring the cat out. From other cat hidden object games, this one is very unique as you can mute and unmute cats in order to play an array of music to your own liking.


The controls for Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra are extremely simple, and when playing on the Switch, it is so much easier to look for the cats as you can just use the touch screen aspect of the Switch. Even the joystick controls are fairly decent, though I do not like the cursor as much on the Switch. So, when playing the game, it is highly recommended to use the touch screen as it makes the game a lot easier to play.

The art style for Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra is unique and fascinating to look at. It seems like a mix of digital and hand-drawn elements put together to create vibrant locations. Each level is also extremely unique from the different aspects it consists of. For instance, there’s a level named Indonesia, which has this blueish-green colour palette, and the environment consists of water, large trees, and a little bungalow with a rainy background. There are a lot of little details that are added to the still image with tiny animations that really make the locations pop out. What’s even more interesting is that cat designs also differ on each level, and most of the instruments they carry are unique to the location of the level. This is because the music that is being played throughout each level compliments the level design. For the live-in-Indonesia level, there were a lot of drum instruments and bells that went with the vibe you would get in living in Indonesia. Both the soundtrack and art style are very complimentary, and with the cats, they blend in nicely with the background.


There are ten levels in the game, and each has twenty cats that you are meant to find. I did not find the game to be super difficult because the cats were blended in well but not too well, so it made the game very manageable. The game roughly takes about an hour to two hours to complete, but it mainly depends on your skill level at hidden object games. What I really liked about this game specifically is the idea of allowing the player to be able to unmute and mute the cats to create their own music. Also, each level has a hidden music sheet, which gives you a hint on how you are supposed to play certain cats in order to bring the shy cat out of hiding. When you play the correct instruments, the background changes with more details added to it, and you are to find the last remaining cat. I found this game to be lots of fun as it was relaxing, and there was not much thought you needed to put into it. Plus, once you start playing these types of games, you get roped into them, which makes them very addicting.


If you want to play a game where you can sit back, relax and find a bunch of shy cats that are hiding away their musical talents, then Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra is the game for you. It’s a simple game where you can immerse yourself in captivating locations and spend time searching for cats hidden in plain sight. The game definitely ropes you in and is great if you want a break from other hectic games. Thus, be sure to check out Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra.

Overall: 9/10

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