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Job Announcement: Join NORN Corporation with SHIFT 87 on July 23rd!
“Only minor risks regarding your psychological stability.” Not so different from your current job, is it? Check it out

HAMBURG, Germany (July 11th, 2024) – Developer Pixelsplit and Daedalic Entertainment are here with a job offer for you from NORN Corp., who were somehow involved in the mysterious events of March 24 at the Nelson Bros Circus. Shift 87 is an observation horror game. The primary responsibility of the vacant position is reporting anomalies and horror observation, so if you think “well, horror observation is what I do all day in the office anyway,” then this opportunity is for you! Shift 87 is coming to Steam PC on July 23rd, but you can start right now w/o any embargo whatsoever. Just reply to this mail, and we’ll provide access. But please, read on! There is more, funkier stuff yet to come. 

Psst, hey! This is just for your ears only, okay? I wanted to give you a heads-up, to make sure this package truly is worse than your current situation. NORN Corp. claims they have “more variety, more environments, more details than in comparable places.” Not sure what exit they were taking, but they go on about there being some “secret ending if you find all 66 anomalies.” Wait! It gets even weirder… “Playtime: 2-3 hours.” Guess that means you’ll have a lot of free time on your hands after your shift! There is one caveat, though: “50% of the anomalies may be creepy, but easy to spot – the other 50% are more subtle and easy to miss.” So. There. I warned ya. Good luck with not getting paranoid!

Job Announcement: Join the NORN Corporation Team
Position: Anomaly Detector

Company: NORN Corporation

Location: Virtual environments, NORN HQ

Job Overview:

We at NORN Corporation have a unique job offer for you. As you’re one of our most loyal employees, we invite you to contribute to the development of our latest disruptive technology. Our background checks have indicated only minor risks regarding your psychological stability, making you an ideal candidate.

Your Advantage:

Flexible Shifts: Complete project-related shifts in addition to your current responsibilities at NORN.
Financial Benefits: Reduce your tuition repayment period by 3 years and switch from deferment to repayment of your medical loans.
Your Task:

  • Environment Familiarization: Navigate through each level and memorize it.
  • Deviation Detection: Spot any deviations as you’re sent through altered versions of the same environments.
  • Anomaly Reporting: Use your designated device to report any anomalies.
  • Accuracy Required: Incorrect reports will lead to a reset of the sequence.
  • Shift Completion: End your shift only after completing your run and reporting all anomalies.
  • Workday Conclusion: Your working day ends once all scenes are reviewed and anomalies reported.

Important Notice:
Try to remain calm in challenging situations, as overlooking inconsistencies can prolong your shift. Excessive levels of adrenaline, noradrenaline, or cortisol could lead to permanent damage.

If you have an eye for detail and are not afraid of brain-computer interfaces or minor medical procedures, speak to your supervisor now. Your personalized contract is ready and waiting for your signature. Due to its size (384 pages), it will only be provided digitally. Don’t worry if your first shift takes longer than anticipated; our medical intervention team will take care of you.

Background Information:
Anomaly (plural anomalies): From Latin anomalia, from Ancient Greek ἀνωμαλία (anōmalía, “irregularity, anomaly”), from ἀνώμαλος (anṓmalos, “irregular, uneven”), negating the meaning of ὁμαλός (homalós, “even”), from ὁμός (homós, “same”).

Observation (plural observations): From Latin observationem (nominative observatio), “a watching over, observance, investigation.” Noun of action from past-participle stem of observare, “watch over, note, heed, look to, attend to, guard, regard, comply with.”

Quality Assurance (plural quality assurances): From early civilizations’ rudimentary quality checks to modern approaches like TQM, ISO standards, and contemporary methodologies, quality management has undergone remarkable transformations. At NORN, our priority is to ensure that our disruptive technologies are sufficiently tested before we present them to our partners in the civil and military sectors.

Apply Now, and Become Part of the Future with NORN Corporation!

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About Pixelsplit
Pixelsplit is a fully remote indie game dev studio based in Germany. They’ve launched several distinctive titles, including Indoorlands, Virtual Rides 3, and Deadly Days. Their latest addition, REVEIL, further demonstrates their strong commitment to crafting unique and engaging gaming experiences.

About Daedalic Entertainment
Daedalic Entertainment is a renowned publisher that has supported indie developers for over 17 years, bringing their titles to every major gaming platform. The line-up of games includes a diverse variety of unique titles, focusing on four distinct areas: storytelling, strategy, co-op games, and wholesome games. With an international team of around 45 employees, Daedalic is currently working with various development studios to create a new line-up of innovative games across consoles and PCs to market. Recent hits include New Cycle, Barotrauma, Capes, Unrailed!, REVEIL, Potion Tycoon, Deponia, Shadow Tactics, Inkulinati, Hidden Deep, Fling to the Finish! and more.

Please look out for upcoming games like Reveil, Capes, Woodo, Magin: The Rat Project Stories, Edge of Sanity, Wild Woods, and many more. Since April 2022, Daedalic Entertainment has been a subsidiary of the French publishing house Nacon. For more, please visit: Follow Daedalic Entertainment on Steam, so you don’t miss out on future releases:

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