Riders Republic Review

Developer: Ubisoft Annecy

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5 (Reviewed), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Genre: Sports / Competitive

Publisher: Ubisoft


The Riders Republic is an open-world multiplayer sports game from Ubisoft that contains sports such: as dirt biking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit and jetpack wingsuit. It’s an extreme sports game that is geared; towards massively multiplayer online play.


It’s hard to illustrate the entirety of this, huge game but it’s an extreme sport adrenaline rush that takes you biking down steep mountains, skiing and snowboarding lush snow-capped mountains to using your wingsuit to fly through canyons and all the other terrains in this game. It’s an extreme sports game from the comfort of your couch.The game introduction gives you a taste of each; different sport, and you are, thrown into the deep end. One minute you are biking down a canyon before grabbing a jetpack to reach a snowy peak where you snowboard down the piste. It’s all a bit crazy but lots of fun.

Graphically and visually, the game is stunning, the terrain is detailed, and the action-packed game has you on a journey in these vast locations. It has that; Ubisoft polish – menu, map, character, and game type looks superb and detailed. The map is this huge; events are dotted all over the place. Events help you earn stars to unlock more game types and upgrades. At times I found the sheer number of things on the map overbearing. It was hard to discern what were events and online players. It’s chaotic at times but, I assume that’s what they are going for; I suppose chaotic and extreme sports go hand in hand. 


Each game type (biking, snowing, skiing, wingsuit jetpack and wingsuit gliding) has its quirks and controls, which you will adapt to. I loved the wingsuit jetpack as it’s something I haven’t played in a sports game. It gives a wholly unique experience in this wonderfully crafted world. Primarily each game type is race-based where you aim to become the winner, which they have mixed things up by incorporating stunt-based competitions too. There is a star progression mode where you unlock more events as you complete more races/event types. The game has a huge variety of gameplay plus it’s incorporated with a massively online experience too. 

Like any modern sports game, there is a huge and wide variety of music that acts as a soundtrack to the gameplay. It’s an impressive list of music that again illustrates how much thought has been put into giving the game the right vibe and feel. 


The game is slick from the first second you play it. The game has a clean user experience whilst maintaining a decent amount of information amongst the several game types. It’s packed with lots of events and is lots of fun. If you need an adrenaline-based sports game with superb graphics; and a huge online element, this is right up your street. 

Online gameplay can handle more than 50 players; there are online leaderboards and cups. There are 6×6 team PvP matchups.

The game runs at 4K 60 FPS on next-gen consoles and can support more than 50 players.

Overall: 7.5/10

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