Redneck #3 Review

Redneck #3 Review

Written by: Donny Cates

Art and Cover by: Lisandro Estherren

Colour by: Dee Cuniffe

Letters by: Joe Sabino

Published by: Image Comics


Slap’s dead. Cattle’s dead. BBQ shop’s in ashes. JV’s given up.

The uneasy peace between the Landrys and Bowmans has broken. Not sure exactly who fired the first shot, but it doesn’t matter. One of the Bowman clan has been brutally murdered. The Landrys are the only other family in Sulfur Springs who know the Bowmans for what they are: a clutch of vampires.

After Slap’s murder, JV does his level best to avoid an all out war with the Landrys. With his surviving sons locked in the basement, JV sends the clan’s two familiars, Phil and Evil, into town to attend to some business. One of their tasks is to locate Father Landry.

When Phil and Evil locate the good Father, it appears that the Landry patriarch may be all hat, no cattle. He doesn’t appear to be in charge of anything, beaten and bloodied, covered in venomous reptiles and apparently being held hostage by armed parishioners.

Redneck #3 2

Chapter two blows off with an armed standoff on the Bowman’s porch. JV has taken a bullet to the heart. Landrys should have known better. Can’t kill a vampire with lead. Things are fixin’ to pick up.

“Once upon a time, if one of our own was killed, facts and reason be damned, we would ride into town. And for fear of not killing the right one…we would just kill everyone.”

Chapter three opens in the aftermath of the firefight on the Bowman’s front yard. Human bodies (and body parts) are strewn about, between overturned cars and piles of spent brass. Seamus and Greg have split, on a mission to find and punish Father Landry.

That leaves Bartlett, JV, Gran’pa and Perry at the homestead. JV follows the boys into town in an attempt to rein them back in. Bartlett is the only witness to what actually occurred the night of Slap’s murder, but he was too commode huggin’, knee walkin’ drunk to remember any of it.

Redneck #3 3

Bartlett’s only hope of sorting out who’s actually responsible for Slap’s death is to confront the one sonuvabitch that puts fear in other vampires. It’s time for us to meet Granpa. God help your soul.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I absolutely love this series. Donny Cates has struck pure gold with Redneck. Cates continues to deliver an emotional and compelling script that, while it centers on a clutch of vampires, is all about love, loyalty, family, and coming to terms with the past.

Lisandro Estherren and Dee Cunniffe are doing a fantastic job selling the script. Estherren’s beautifully brutal lines and Cunniffe’s muted, earthy palette bring the story to life in a gritty way that screams East Texas.

Redneck #1 and #2 are in multiple printings already. If you haven’t already picked those up, get them when you pick up #3. You definitely want this title in your pull list. Don’t miss a single chapter. Buy this book.

Overall: 10/10




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