Rebellion Announces Nemesis the Warlock Definitive Edition

Rebellion is delighted to announce a brand new series of collection of Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s seminal sci-fi epic, Nemesis the Warlock – the Definitive Edition!

The five-volume Nemesis the Warlock Definitive Edition collection begins this December, presenting the landmark series by Mills (Marshal Law) and O’Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) in a comprehensive collection of the complete storyline in order.

Long regarded as one of the crown-jewel epics from the pages of 2000 AD, this new series of paperbacks of Nemesis the Warlock is being published alongside gorgeous hardcover editions with stunningly designed new covers – available only from the 2000 AD webshop – that present O’Neill’s groundbreaking and mind-bending art in all its glory.

The first 176-page volume measures 282 × 216mm and is on sale from 5 December, with pre-orders open now.


Along with the earliest stories ‘Terror Tube’, ‘Killer Watt’, ‘The Sword Sinister,’ ‘The World of Termight’ (Book 1), ‘The Alien Alliance’ (Book 2), ‘The Secret Life of Blitzspear’, and ‘A Day in the Death of Torquemada’, this edition features development sketches showing the evolution of the cloven-hoofed alien freedom fighter Nemesis and his living spaceship, the Blitzspear.

Termight is the ruling planet of a cruel galactic empire, an empire led by the diabolically evil Torquemada, a twisted human despot intent on purging all alien life from the galaxy and punishing the deviants. His motto: Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave!


But there is rebellion and resistance to his rule in the form of a devilish-looking alien warlock called Nemesis, who represents everything that Torquemada hates and fears. Together Nemesis and Torquemada are locked in a duel which will affect the fate of humanity and each of them on a personal level as their conflict spans time and space!

Burning with iconoclastic fire and wild invention, Nemesis the Warlock is the satirical sci-fi space opera that helped place 2000 AD as the true cutting edge, and catapulted Mills and O’Neill into the comics stratosphere.




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