Railgunners is out

Railgunners is a story driven shooter, built to highly customizable difficulty levels.

Fight your way through hundreds of enemy ships, and help humanity fight back against the alien invasion!

Built to be a jump point into the shoot’em up genre but also a fun replayable challenge for veterans.

Every run can be wildly different, preventing players from going into memorized automatic choices, creating a gripping and entertaining experience every run, even on easier stages.

The game offers many customization options: multiple characters, special weapons and items to customize the build of the ship; each stage rewards the player with a new tool to customize their playstyle, so they can shape the experience to their liking, with mods to make easier to manage energy, tank damage or manipulate risk/reward dynamics, and weapons to deal with specific enemy combinations; More hardcore players can also opt to not use those tools for organic challenges to test their grit.


  •  3 playable characters with unique balancing and skills
  • 17 Carefully handcrafted levels
  • Branching paths
  • Procedural enemy placement, it’s not enough to mimic your past movements, learn to read the enemy and act accordingly
  • Gorgeous Pixelart
  • Customize your ship with weapons and mods!
  • Challenging gameplay, be ready to sharpen your reflexes!
  • High replayability!

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