Railgunners Demo Out Now

Railgunners Demo Out Now

After almost two years of development we at Expresso Game Studios are releasing the the first Playable DEMO of Railgunners, a story driven shooter, in a mix of shmup and runner genre. Fight your way through hundreds of enemies, and help humanity fight back against the alien invasion!

The Demo features the complete first stage, all basic mechanics are in place and we pretend to expand it’s content and polish them to a mirror shine until we reach our still TBA release date on Q2 of 2018 at the price of 10,99 U$

Railgunners 2

The full game will feature:

  • 3 playable characters with unique balancing and skills
  • Over 5 stages, each with a challenging boss blocking your path
  • randomized enemy placement, it’s not enough to mimic your past movements, learn different enemy patterns and act accordingly
  • Defeating bosses and obtaining a certain upgrades will unlock the bits of the story
  • Tough but fair gameplay, be ready to sharpen your reflexes!

DEMO ON STEAM: http://store.steampowered.com/app/723130/Railgunners/

DEMO ON ITCH.IO: https://expressostudios.itch.io/railgunners


About Expresso Studios:
Brazilian indie studio based in Natal,  former educational game devs, debuting their first commercial game.




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