Project Warlock II Chapter 2 is out now

[Warsaw, Poland] – Retrovibe, the indie game publisher known for its captivating retro-inspired titles, is delighted to announce that the second chapter of adrenaline-pumping retro shooter Project Warlock II is out now. 

Following Palmer’s story, Chapter 2 delves into the tale of Urd. Banished by the master at a young age and left to die in a demonic dimension, Urd seeks revenge and will utilize every single tool at her disposal to get the job done. Take advantage of new sets of weapons and skills, infuse powerful crystal’s energy to Urd’s arsenal and clear your path through various new locations set in the Brutalist West.

New progression system “Wargression” lets players personalize their combat style with more than 90 upgrades. These upgrades won’t just tweak weapons but they’ll also bolster Urd’s defense, magic, and combo meter. Unleash chaos with every run!

Project Warlock II with Chapters 1&2 is available on Steam, GOG and Epic Games in Early Access. Chapter 2 brings 12 new levels, 4 new weapons, spellbook with 5 magical spells, 18 new enemies and more than 90 upgrades to personalize playstyle and make it different with every playthrough.

For more information, follow Project Warlock on X (Twitter), join our Discord or follow Retrovibe on X (Twitter).

About Buckshot Software

Led by Jakub Cislo, a self-taught game designer, programmer, and the creator of the original Project Warlock, Buckshot Software is a six-person team of developers who love retro shooters like Wolfenstein, DOOM, and Quake.

About Retrovibe

Retrovibe is a publisher that aims to unlock next levels of fun by delivering new indie games with a retro heart. It was established in 2021 by a group of experienced games industry professionals.

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