Pegamoose Press comes to comics shops in September


Troy Little & Brenda Hickey bring their boutique publishing line to a wider audience.

PEI, CANADA, June 24, 2024 – After making a splash on Kickstarter with their first three graphic novel offerings, comic book creators Troy Little (Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Rick & Morty) and Brenda Hickey (Aggretsuko, My Little Pony) have signed an agreement with Diamond Comic Distributors to bring their exciting new publishing line Pegamoose Press to comic shops and retailers from September.


Making their debut in the Diamond PREVIEWS catalogue for July, the first two titles due to arrive in comic stores this September are Little’s Angora Napkin: The Golden McGuffin and Hickey’s Halls of the Turnip King, which will be followed by Nick Cross and Marlo Meekins’ Orchard of the Tame the following month.


“We’ve been blown away by how supportive and responsive our direct audience has been,” says cartoonist, Troy Little, “but it’s time to take our work to a wider audience in comic book shops – especially as fans discover my work through Oni’s new Cult of the Lamb series. We want Pegamoose titles to be accessible to everyone everywhere, and to be more readily available to those retail partners who have supported us since the beginning.”


Outside of his own creation, Angora Napkin, and his current run on Cult of the Lamb, Little is also known for his work on Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas from IDW/Top Shelf and Rick & Morty: Dungeons & Dragons for the aforementioned Oni Press. This new volume of Angora Napkin sets the Cuddle Core pop icons on a new path as they open an Existential Detective Agency as a side-hustle – because, why not?! Murder, mystery and mayhem ensue as the crew embark on a quest for the enigmatic Golden McGuffin!


Meanwhile, over in the Halls of the Turnip King, cartoonist Brenda Hickey – who is known for her work on IDW and Hasbro’s My Little Pony, as well as Ward’s Valley with Bobby Curnow for IDW / Top Shelf – brings to life a fantastical tale of elves and dwarves. When reluctant elf prince, Tatian Elfiore, is forced on a royal mission to the Dwarven mines, all hope for peace and prosperity between the kingdoms hinges on one legendary vegetable.

“Being able to create – and now distribute – our own work through comic and book stores is a dream come true,” adds co-publisher, Brenda Hickey. “I’m so proud to get Halls of the Turnip King out there, and to be able to share the incredible work of Troy, Marlo, Nick and others with a wider audience. This is just the beginning of our ambitious publishing slate, and we hope readers will take the journey with us to see what’s next!”

The first two Pegamoose Press titles, Angora Napkin: The Golden McGuffin and Halls of the Turnip King will launch in the July PREVIEWS catalogue for a September on-sale date. Further solicitations will follow in Diamond PREVIEWS as the Pegamoose roster continues to expand.

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