Passing By A Tailwind Journey – Out Now


Take to the skies and explore a mysterious world from the comfort of your balloon.
May your burner always warm you and the west wind ever favor you!

Montpellier, France – March 12th, 2024
Dear Villagers in partnership with Indie developer Studio Windsocke are delighted to announce that their cozy and inspired ballooning adventure Passing By – A Tailwind Journey is OUT NOW on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Passing By – A Tailwind Journey lets you befriend fellow travelers and quirky islanders, use your wits to solve immersive puzzles, and gather enough resources to continue to where your journey takes you! But remember, since the west wind only ever blows in one direction, once you decide to leave an island, this means goodbye for good. Think carefully before you board your balloon ship; are you prepared to make the long trip through the clouds towards an unknown destination?


In this innovative genre hybrid of 2D puzzle platformer, survival, and adventure game, you can explore the world at your own leisure, traveling from island to island by balloon ship and solving various puzzles while having to manage your resources to survive. An exciting adventure full of wholesome encounters and meaningful experiences awaits you!


  • Explore carefully crafted levels across a large variety of colorful biomes.
  • Meet quirky island inhabitants and make memorable friendships with fellow travelers.
  • Solve each island’s unique puzzles and find ancient secrets.
  • Customize your balloon ship to your liking using a wide range of designs and attachments.
  • Discover whimsical details presented in a beautiful 2D low-poly art style.
  • Experience a fully dynamic, atmospheric score.
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese localization.


Developer:  Studio Windsocke  

Studio Windsocke is a young indie studio based in Hallstadt, Germany, which was founded by four passionate game developers in 2021 with the goal to create meaningful games with a wholesome and whimsical atmosphere. Currently, the team is working on Passing By – A Tailwind Journey, a charming adventure combining typical elements of puzzle platformers and survival games. In 2021, the game won both the “Young Talent Award: Best Prototype” at the German Computer Games Awards and the “Ubisoft Newcomer Award” at the German Developer Awards. 

Publisher:  Dear Villagers 

Based in the South of France, in sunny Montpellier, we are a boutique publishing label composed of a team of twenty people. Open-minded and versatile, Dear Villagers offers handcrafted marketing and production guidance. Our mission: We tell memorable stories through memorable games. We love pixels, but we believe in people. 

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