Of Blades & Tails – Launch Trailer

Of Blades & Tails – a 2D open world pixel-art RPG – leaving Early Access with v1.0 launch today!

Warsaw, Poland – November 9th, 2023 – Polish indie publisher Pineapple Works and German solo-developer Felix Laukel are glad to announce that Of Blades & Tails has left Early Access today and the full version of the game is available digitally on Steam and GOG with a -25% launch discount. Console releases (Nintendo Switch, Xbox) are slated for early 2024, final release dates TBA.

In Of Blades & Tails you play Reik, a clever member of the fox tribe. A chain of unfortunate events ​​takes you on a quest of vital importance to all creatures in the realm. You’ll have to leave your home and explore the land, gathering enough strength to face approaching evil.

Inspired by genre classics such as Stoneshard, Of Blades & Tails brings on a fresh approach to the turn-based RPG genre by offering the player faster-paced “skill & gear”-oriented gameplay. Players can follow the main story or hunt for treasures in ancient ruins and mysterious dungeons. Character development and gaining powerful equipment plays a major role on the journey.

Uncover secrets, gather treasures and vanquish foes. Find and stand against the source of this insectile calamity!
Key features:

  • Turn-based combat that allows for quick action or strategic planning
  • An Open World with lots of places to discover
  • A fresh, anthropomorphic setting in a vibrant pixel art look
  • generated dungeons and caves
  • Classless Character Development with many abilities to unlock
  • of different qualities and unique Items with special powers
  • Hunt giant bugs, gather herbs and other useful resources
  • Encounter a plethora of varied Enemy Types equipped with different skills that may require tactical decisions
  • Join guilds to gain their secret knowledge
  • Trade with rats and other profit-seeking animals
  • Compete with other players in the Arena Leaderboard challenge
  • Assemble treasure maps and follow their hints to obtain mighty treasures
  • Follow the main storyline or complete various side quests
  • Fully localized in English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Ukrainian & Russian, with more language support to come

Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1768780/Of_Blades__Tails/

GOG Page: https://www.gog.com/en/game/of_blades_and_tails

 About Pineapple Works
Pineapple Works is a Polish games publisher, co-developer, and porting studio interested in indie games of various genres and styles. We are here to make your game successful with no pressure. Some of our titles you may have heard about include Dreamed Away, Death and Taxes, Legends of Amberland, Charge Kid, DREAMO, and others.

About Felix Laukel
Felix Laukel is a software engineer by day and an independent game developer by night from Marburg, Germany. Currently, he is working on his dream project called Of Blades & Tails when his day job is over and his daughter sleeps. After showing his game on Twitter he immediately gained interest from the community and the number of fans keeps growing.

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