My Little Pony: Deviations Review

Written By: Katie Cook

Artist & Cover Artist: Agnes Garbowska

Colour Assist: Lauren Perry

Lettering: Christa Miesner

Published by: IDW Publishing


We all know how Twilight Sparkle became Princess Celestia’s pupil, but what if our Princess of Friendship was out shined by another student back in her school days? Princess Celestia took pity on the young Prince Blueblood, believing that she could change his life for the better and educate him on friendship. Shame how her hard work was in vain, as we explore the universe where Prince Blueblood is sent to Ponyville for what was to be the most important, educational trip of his life. Just how will this colt merge into small town life, gain new friends and his first encounters with our memorable Ponyville inhabitants? Also lest we forget the return of Nightmare Moon!

Well this was certainly a story I never expected to read. Prince Blueblood has only appeared in the show a few times and in a dedicated issue of Friends Forever (#26) where he travelled to visit the Yaks with Shining Armor on a diplomatic mission. This issue was given free reign to Katie Cook, to bring us a story that would be both entertaining and unexpected by the readers. This could be a once off special but I would like to see random storylines such as this repeated again. More as a behind the scenes look at what the background characters do in certain events – such as Twilight’s coronation. This was very much an enjoyable issue, with a very satisfying ending.

My Little Pony: Deviations 2

Prince Blueblood is a distant relation to Princesses Celestia and Luna. With Royal blood, he belongs to Equestrian High Society. Add his social standing and his massive ego, and we have the first Prince that we met on the show. Having first appeared in the MLP universe as the Prince of Rarity’s dreams as they attend the Grand Galloping Gala. Even from his first encounters in the show we see exactly what kind of personality this Unicorn has. In this issue Princess Celestia makes a somewhat foolish decision to make Prince Blueblood her personal pupil. An honor that was granted to Twilight Sparkle in the original MLP Universe. As this issue skips a few years, we can already see the regret and exhaustion the Sun Princess now experiences from tutoring her distant nephew.

This issue follows the same storyline set out in the very first MLP episode, but replaces our main character with Prince Blueblood instead. Having been sent to the quaint little town of Ponyville in order to oversee the preparations for this year’s Summer Sun Celebration. As well as learning the meaning of friendship, something this Prince has yet to understand. He meets all our Ponyville main characters, having either annoyed or offended each one of them along the way. We also have the arrival of Nightmare Moon, in which the battle against her meets a somewhat surprising conclusion. Ultimately resulting in Prince Blueblood travelling amongst the stars. Certainly a very entertaining issue all round.

My Little Pony: Deviations 3

This issue can be bought in three variant cover arts, with the Regular Cover pictured above by Agnes Garbowska. Highlighting the glamorous Prince Blueblood as he graciously enwraps the Ponyville gang between his hooves. The only pony that looks somewhat overjoyed by the experience is Pinkie Pie, who luckily enough stands behind the Prince. The same artstyle can be found throughout this story, with its more rounded figures. Which focusses more on facial expressions than precise anatomy. Several of the characters have had moments of disproportional physiques, with Apple Jacks face being on of those as seen in her first moments in the issue. The expressions however do make the comic more enjoyable as we really get to understand each ponies reactions. Our second cover art is for the Sub Cover, with Pinkie Pie cosplaying as Judge Dredd. A British comic book character, who is a law enforcer in the dystopian future city of Mega-City One in North America. He is a “street judge”, with both authority and the law on his side. Something that is very much the opposite to Pinkie Pie’s character, but is an interesting nod towards this character that has just celebrated his 4oth Anniversary from first appearing in 1977 in 2000 AD. Our RI Cover once again has Prince Blueblood as the title character, taking up the majority of the page. With his flowing locks and beauty, he overshadows both the Sun Princess and her Ponyville subjects. In the dreamlike, pastel style it is clearly the work of Sara Richard.

Certainly one of the most unique storylines we have had to date, that is a reverse reality to that of the MLP universe we know today. A one shot whose style I hope crops up again in the comic series as a filler arc, which will focus more on the characters that rarely get any storylines.


Overall: 8/10




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