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Get Ready to Embark on a Magical Journey in Land Above See Below: Introducing the Enchanting Eternal Autumn Trailer

San Francisco – June 13th, 2023 | Calling all indie and/or chill gaming enthusiasts! Prepare to be swept away by the mesmerizing world of Land Above See Below, an upcoming indie game that promises an unforgettable adventure like no other. Today, the talented folks at Glasscannon Studio and Skystone Games are thrilled to unveil a brand new trailer that showcases the breathtaking beauty and dynamic weather of Ethernal Autumn. And that’s not all – Land Above See Below has been selected to participate in the renowned Guerilla Collective, solidifying its status as an exceptional title in the gaming realm.

Land Above Sea Below’s Ethernal Autumn trailer invites you into a world bursting with wonder, where you’ll embark on a remarkable journey through ever-changing landscapes. Brace yourself for an enchanting visual feast filled with vibrant colors, lush environments, and captivating weather effects. As the seasons transition, you’ll witness the interplay of light and shadow, creating an immersive experience that will leave you breathless.

In Land Above See Below, players are invited to explore a world of your own creation, as you strategically place pieces of land in an endless seascape, trying to reach the lighthouse as the world’s oceans rise. You pick where forest form, where rivers bend, where towns thrive, and if you’e not careful, you might wind up with the world being engulfed in water. Can you keep the land from drowning? LASB promises an adventure that transcends boundaries and resonates with players from all walks of life.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to share the Ethernal Autumn trailer, giving you a glimpse into the mesmerizing world of Land Above See Below,” said Skystone Games’ David Brevik. “Glasscannon have poured their hearts and souls into creating an experience that will transport you to a world of peace and wonder. The unique weather system and breathtaking vistas showcased in the trailer are just a small taste of what awaits you in the full game.”

Land Above See Below’s exceptional potential has been recognized with its inclusion in the Guerilla Collective. This prestigious indie games platform celebrates the creativity and innovation of independent developers, providing a global stage for showcasing their talent. The selection of Land Above See Below further underscores its distinction and sets the stage for its release later this year.

Prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime when Land Above See Below launches later this year! Don’t miss out – add the game to your wishlist now.

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Skystone Games aims to be a leader in video game publishing with a passion for uncovering rich new experiences highlighting incredible talent across the globe. Founded by industry veterans David Brevik (Creator of the Diablo franchise) and Bill Wang (Perfect World & Giant), Skystone Games has multiple projects in development. Skystone is actively seeking more partners. More information can be found at Skystone.Games.


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