Journey Beyond the Edge of the World – Teaser

Uncover A Mystery On A Storm-Torn Ship In “Journey Beyond the Edge of the World”

Solve puzzles to unfold a surreal story in atmospheric first-person adventure

Hamburg, Germany – January 29th, 2024 – In “Journey Beyond the Edge of the World”, a new title from solo dev Markus Koepke, you find yourself aboard a fishing trawler, floating aimlessly in the ocean. You have no recollection of how you got here. Or of who you are. You hear a strange sound coming from the bridge. And you start exploring …

“Journey Beyond the Edge of the World” is an atmospheric first-person adventure coming to PC in which you solve puzzles to unfold a mysterious and surreal story. Explore a storm-ravaged interactive ship, fixing broken navigational equipment, repairing leaks and solving other item and environmental puzzles to unlock new parts of the story, told through a unique combination of narrative, music and spatial audio. 

The year is 1953. In the early morning hours, a decommissioned fishing trawler is leaving the port of Hamburg, Northern Germany to go on an expedition into the unknown. On board, an unconventional crew made up of fishermen, small time criminals, scientists, artists. They are led by a mysterious and secretive stranger from out of town – who is keeping the true nature of the journey from everyone else.

Following a range of surreal events, the ship gets into a storm and all onboard are lost to the sea. All but one: The Unnamed fisherman, who is unwillingly taken on a journey to uncover the true intentions behind the trip and into his own troubled mind.

The game’s low-poly, pixelated retro look is complemented by atmospheric lighting, modern visual effects, and a realistic water simulation. Handcrafted sounds fully immerse you in the world through Spatial Audio, providing three-dimensional sound that works on any headphones, making for a truly unique audiovisual experience. Using the Spatial Audio features players can focus on specific sounds leading them to memories, which in turn allow them to step through time and tackle new puzzles.

The story is told through narrated ambient music tracks. Each story chapter is locked behind a puzzle. Solve the puzzle – unlock the music. With each chapter, the ship and its surroundings change, adapting to the events that take place in the music; taking you closer and closer to the Edge of the World – and beyond.

“I’m really excited to share “Journey Beyond the Edge of the World” with you all,” said developer Markus Koepke. “This is by far the most ambitious project I’ve worked on, but development has been progressing really well and I’m looking forward to being able to share more later this year. In the meantime, I invite you to join me on Discord where I’m regularly sharing updates and sneak peaks with the community!”

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About Markus Koepke
Markus Koepke is an experienced commercial cinematographer and filmmaker with a new found passion for making video games. After developing and releasing a number of small projects he is now focusing on his most ambitious game to date, “Journey Beyond the Edge of the World”. With this game, Markus combines his skills in crafting cinematic images with his other love, composing electronic music, blending the two artforms in a unique way.

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