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Tactical fairytale Howl by Mi’pu’mi Games now available for Nintendo Switch and PC

Düsseldorf, November 14, 2023 – Düsseldorf-based video game developer and publisher astragon Entertainment and Vienna-based developer studio Mi’pu’mi Games today announced the release of Howl, a tactical, narrative tale in which players must rid the world of a plague, the eponymous “Howl”. Howl was part of Nintendo’s Indie World presentation today and the live release was celebrated with an exciting featurette.

Howl is now available for Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam for $14.99/£12.99/14,99 EUR (SRP). On PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and Epic Games Store Howl will be released on January 23, 2024.

About Howl:
Over the past decade Mi’pu’mi has had the privilege of supporting global AAA productions as well as franchises from clients such as Io-Interactive, Remedy Entertainment, Ubisoft, MachineGames & Red Bull. Howl, a turn-based tactics game, is Mi’pu’mi’s latest original game. Players take control of a deaf prophetess and have to survive in a world afflicted by an acoustic plague that turns people into beasts. Every step must be well planned ahead to outmaneuver the adversaries. 

Howl’s graphics are created using “Living Ink”, a fluid, dynamic watercolor art style that illustrates the story as you play. Players make their way through a dark fantasy world, fighting to rid the land of the plague and find their lost brother. 

Key Features:

  • Tactics: Players must always stay one step ahead of the enemy’s actions in order to succeed in the turn-based puzzles. Players need to arrange their moves up to 6 turns in advance and watch their plan play out One wrong decision can put the heroine in dangerous situations and there is a lot at stake.
  • Unique visual style: Through “living ink” the beautiful fairy tale world becomes alive as you play.
  • Unlockable skills: New skills can be unlocked and improved to stay on par with the opponent, like shadow step, exploding shot and more.
  • Challenging: 60 levels in four chapters are waiting to be freed from evil, save villagers from the claws – or howl – of the wolves

Howl is now available for Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam. Howl will be released on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and Epic Games Store on January 23, 2024 and can already be pre-ordered digitally.

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