Homura Hime To Show Demo at BitSummit Drift

The Anime-Inspired 3D Bullet Hell Action Game Homura Hime To Show Demo at BitSummit Drift

PLAYISM is proud to announce that the 3D action game Homura Hime, developed by the Taiwanese indie game studio Crimson Dusk, will have a playable demo showcased at BitSummit Drift, a real-life indie game event to be held in Kyoto from July 19 to July 21, 2024.

The demo will be available for visitors to play at the Institute for Information Industry (III) booth.

BitSummit Drift Demo

Homura Hime will have a playable demo at BitSummit Drift, an indie game event to be held in Miyako Messe, Kyoto, Japan from July 19 to July 21, 2024.

At the event, visitors can experience the beginning of the game, from the tutorial where players learn the basics, to spectacular boss battles. This is Homura Hime‘s first ever playable demo showcase, so please visit the III booth if you have the chance!

Please check the official BitSummit Drift website for more details.

About the Game

Homura Hime is inspired by Japanese anime and aims to perfectly recreate the rich and varied art direction and expressiveness of the genre, and does so as a 3D action game where you dodge enemy barrages from all directions and engage in tense, exhilarating combat.

Alongside Homura Hime, fight against archdemons possessed by deviant emotions, and get closer to discovering the truth behind both the archdemons and her own veiled legacy.

Keep up fast and flashy combos by parrying and dodging enemy attacks in this game’s characteristic action gameplay, and learn new skills and combos to further flesh out your playstyle.

Crimson Dusk

The developer of this game is the Taiwanese indie team Crimson Dusk, formed in May 2020.In 2018, Sam revealed the prototype of Homura Hime, a project he started on his own while he was a student, at a contest. It received a lot of positive feedback, and from there, Crimson Dusk was formed.

The Story

Welcome to a world where humans and demons coexist. Souls harboring strong emotions and deep regrets at their time of death are transformed into archdemons. Archdemons have the power to corrupt the foundation of the world and contaminate their surroundings. Creatures tainted by this demonic power turn into lowly monsters that operate solely on raw instinct.

Faced with the threat to the world posed by five extremely powerful demon girls, the High Priestess is forced to dispatch Homura Hime—the “Flame Princess” and the strongest exorcist of them all—and her aide, Ann, who are now entrusted with the divine mission of purifying the world and defeating all demons.

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