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Explore an Island filled with Lies in Story-Driven, Horror Farming Simulator Harvest Island®
Question everything as you farm your blissful days away on October 10th

September 26th, 2023 – There’s something wrong on Harvest Island®; this isn’t your typical cute farming game. Yobob Games is excited to announce that Harvest Island, a horror-cozy, story-driven farming simulator, will launch on October 10th. Be careful not to explore too far out. It’s safer to play around the farm than to discover the secrets and mysteries of this remote island.

Harvest Island is set on a remote island with diverse locations: maze-like forests, beaches that have tides that impact your gameplay, caves that send chills down your spine, post-apocalyptic underground apartments, and even abandoned mines deep below the surface of the island. While on the island, the protagonists, Will and Samantha, are living with their father, who has a deep, dark secret. Here, you will encounter ever-changing landscapes that evolve over the course of the game, along with a day/night cycle that will surely keep you from going to sleep. Expect a rain system that becomes more spooky as you venture further out, high/low tides that impact exploration, and the gods which can alter the day, tides, permanent buffs. 

Bolstered by its cute and cozy art style (but don’t be fooled), Harvest Island is all about exploration and farming with a story mode option for players who choose not to focus on farming. Take in the colorful pixel art and horror-realistic sounds as you stumble upon everything the island has to offer or tries to hide. With over 180 items to collect across the island, from seashells, sharks, coconuts, and low tide critters, to plenty of sticks and logs; players will have plenty of resources to collect to please the gods and to expand their farm. Along their journey, players can also befriend various animals like raccoons, moose, deer, seagulls, sea lions, and more, as well as fish to help keep up their stamina. The island may seem welcoming…at least at first, but your curious itch tells you otherwise. It’s your job to discover why you’re on this remote island with your sister and father and why your father is telling lies. 

Harvest Island is a single-player horror farming simulator that focuses on rich storytelling and immerses you with its unique horror-farming themed gameplay. Players must be creative and resourceful -using the tools they crafted and the items they collected on this island for the gods –  to earn Bless, a currency used for upgrading the farm. As the story unfolds, players find out the unsettling and heartbreaking answers to the game’s most pressing questions. Why are you on the island? What is the significance of the gods? What is your father hiding?

A land full of lies awaits for you to explore. Be blessed by the gods when Harvest Island launches on October 10th. Players eager to dive into the mysteries of the remote island may wishlist Harvest Island on Steam.

Key Features:

  • Explore a Diverse Island: Find a collection of incredible things on the island, including coconuts, seaweed, horseshoe crabs, beetles, and sharks. Use these items as offerings to the gods, ways to upgrade your farm, and more. Tides will fluctuate as time progresses, changing the island’s landscape, and can even open up new paths allowing you to explore the island further.
  • Catch Fish: There are tons of different types of fish that you can catch all over the island. Each fish has their own behavior and habitat. Depending on conditions, fishing during the day or night or in a far-off corner of the island will allow you to catch different types of fish. Cook your spoils and eat them to gain Bless and stamina.
  • Craft Tools: Craft various tools like a ladder, rope, and fishing rod from your workbench to help you further explore the island and collect much needed items and food, as well as answer the island’s mysteries.
  • Make Offerings: Gods play an important part in Harvest Island. Every day, the gods will ask you for items that are around the island. Receive blessings once you give the gods these items, and you will earn permanent stats like max bag capacity or increasing max stamina. You can also use Bless to upgrade your farm, build, craft, or even ask the gods to alter the weather or change the time!
  • Day/Night Cycle: The day/night cycle is perpetual, and you don’t even have to sleep if you want to pull an all-nighter or two. Caves glow, and the forest sings and sparkles with fireflies at night, while other changes are visible during the morning and afternoon time as well!
  • Endure the Weather: When it rains, animals and fish will hide, and crops will be watered, but everything will be back to normal by the time the sky becomes clear!
  • Befriend Animals: You can befriend animals on the island, pet them, or even feed them. Sometimes they will give you items they find in the wild or show you an undiscovered passage to explore.

About Yobob

Yobob, created by Kevin Le, is a one-man developer from San Diego, California. The studio’s name – which was initially designed as a username for MMOs – means “hey, friendly gamer” and has been used by Le since he was 13 years old. Le created Yobob to prove to his cousin that he could make games better than them. Ironically, Le found his passion in game design and decided to pursue that career instead of physics. After graduating with a physics degree, Le went straight to work as a solo game designer, working on games such as The Chains That Bound Me, Em-A-Li, and Em-A-Zurvival. Le started his most ambitious project, Harvest Island, on April 1st, 2020. Le continues to make games because he loves to see gamer’s reactions and wants to bring more humanity to the gaming world through his storytelling or the music he writes. Players can speak with Le by joining the Yobob Games Discord server.

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