Hand in Hand Releasing Soon

The release of Hand in Hand is approaching quickly – it’s only a short time until the 30th of November!

Check the gameplay trailer, and try free demo version of the game!

November 17th, 2023

Developer MaxMedia and publisher OverGamez are happy to inform you that Hand in Hand will soon be available on Steam.

Hand in Hand is a 2D puzzle video game that features split-screen gameplay. The player can control two characters simultaneously, or two players can play in co-op mode on a single device. Submerge yourself in the ethnic universe of two heroes, work together to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. You can only overcome the toughest obstacles by joining hands and working together


Two soulmates live in a fairytale world. But when evil came to their world, they lost each other. Now both of them need to head towards each other, facing many difficulties and dangers along the way. And only by finding a fragile connection between one another and going hand in hand will they be able to defeat evil and meet again. It’s a story about how we can help one another even when you’re apart, and be far from one another even when you’re nearby. It’s a story about the importance of relationships and mutual support. But every story has an even deeper meaning…


The game runs in split-screen mode, with one character on each screen in their respective positions. It has two modes. The first one is for one person to play, where they control both characters with one joystick, and must possess proficient controller skills. The second mode is for local cooperative play, where two players each control a character using their own joystick. Both players control their respective characters. In solo mode, you must demonstrate excellent dexterity and reaction time. Meanwhile, co-op mode allows you to experience the pleasure of playing with family or friends. Both game modes have their benefits. We encourage you to try both modes and hope you will enjoy completing the game.


Each character has their own part of the level in a common location. However, some parts of the level are interconnected. This means that the characters can interact and help each other complete the level. Characters can move keys and objects from one part of the screen to another, and most puzzles are need to be solved by both characters working together, connecting parts of the screen and solving puzzles together.


The game has epic boss battles. Each boss represents the world of shadows that has invaded this fairytale forest and wants to plunge all the inhabitants of this fairytale world into the horror of eternal darkness. Our brave heroes, Lina and Minho, must defeat each of the bosses so that peace and prosperity will once again reign in the fairy forest. Boss battles take place without splitscreen, and are designed to be played by just one of the characters, so each character must defeat their evil shadow bosses.


On their way through the collapsing fairy-tale world, the characters will constantly encounter various puzzles like closed doors, laser beams with reflectors, ancient mechanisms and ruins, labyrinths, and caves full of dangers. Our heroes will be able to overcome all difficulties, but each will have to make every effort to pass these trials and help their companion.

Developer: MaxMedia
Publisher: OverGamez
Platforms: Steam
Genre: 2D split screen puzzle platformer
Release date: November 30th, 2023

Steam eShop link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1209510/Hand_In_Hand/

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