FIFA 22 Review

Developer: EA Vancouver

Platforms:  PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X(Reviewed)|S  

Genre: Sports

Publisher: EA Sports


The end of the European transfer brings the anticipation of the next FIFA game, and before you know it, it’s FIFA 22 time. The ubiquitous football (soccer) game is now available to play. Fifa 22 like, its predecessors is the next in the series that improves on previous seasons and includes updated teams. When players start to speak about their card ratings, we know that FIFA is going to be released shortly. 

New goalkeeper AI means the goalkeepers have been; improved with better positioning and shot-stopping with better reflexes. Improved ball physics with respect to speed, swerve, drag and other realistic real-world simulations have been added. Even more, tactics to improve the simulation aspects of team play. Hypermotion available on next-generation consoles combines general improvements to team tactics, better player physics and improved ball control; i.e. getting FIFA to the next level of real-life simulation. This is all combined with the use of machine learning to enhance the overall gaming experience. FIFA 22 is the next generation of improvements to FIFA.


In reality, it’s difficult to feel all these elements straight off in your first few games. There is sleeker ball control mechanic and player animations, there does seem to be better team AI, and the game does have a solid flow. Players and their likeness is captured with amazing: detail. In general, game mechanics are improved but, there are no massive overhauls but; the game does play better and is more responsive. 

Online games and matchmaking are superb; the net code means finding games is easy and, there are very few issues when games are being played. I spend the majority of my time playing Seasons or Volta online so I would notice this.


The licences are all there, the players, the leagues and the cups. FUT, Seasons, Volta (street football), Career Mode and Pro Clubs are just a few of the game modes you can play in. Volta has seen the introduction of a skill meter and signature moves too to enhance the experience even more. There are online modes and, Volta has an arcade mode to bolster its online mode. FIFA 22 has more than enough game modes, and they are in-depth that will have you coming back. I enjoy Volta as it breaks the 11 vs 11 standard football and offers an arcade-like football experience. 

The gameplay, soundtrack and presentation are all superb, I have to say EA gets this aspect of the game spot on; there is enough to break the monotony of basic menus.


The next generation FIFA 22 does look stunning and will satisfy the majority of football fans. The game doesn’t make a massive overhaul or game mechanics changes from the previous versions. Again it’s an update with updated rosters. The improved AI and goalkeeping has been noticeable and welcomed. I have encountered few glitches or issues. The issue I did encounter was when my online Volta session became locked and I had to restart the game. As usual, the game has a super polish on all elements with bright, flashy screens and updated soundtracks. FIFA 22 is the best football game on the market and does have nice updates from the last version but, it isn’t earth-shattering or new.

Overall: 8/10

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