Executive Assistant: Iris Returns With New Writer Blake Northcott



Aspen Comics is continuing their 15-Year Anniversary campaign on releasing classic “legacy” titles with the long-awaited return of the critically acclaimed Executive Assistant: Iris. In 2018, the property is celebrating its ten-year anniversary since its debut in 2008. Created by David Wohl, Michael Turner and Brad Foxhoven, this popular action-adventure assassin series returns for it’s fifth volume with rising star writer, Blake Northcott, following her previous Aspen work on Michael Turner’s Fathom.


“This is the opportunity of a lifetime,” says Northcott. “Iris is such an iconic character with a rich and complex back story. I love that she’s vulnerable—she’s not a goddess, she’s not a cosmic-level superhero. She’s human, she bleeds, and she has so much left to overcome, especially at this critical stage of her career. There’s something beautiful and exciting about that.


“I wanted to explore the intricacies of being an assassin, or anyone in the protection business. It’s a dangerous vocation with a short career window, and one wrong move won’t just get you sent to HR—it can mean your life.” This all-new Executive Assistant: Iris volume will feature the art of new Aspen talent, Donny Tran, with colors by Omi Remalante Jr. The solicitation copy for Executive Assistant: Iris Volume 5 #1 reads:


When a routine security job takes a turn for the worse, Executive Assistant Iris realizes she might be at the crossroads of her career! The world’s deadliest assassin is faced with a choice: remain a freelance Executive Assistant, or join Magni Global—a mysterious corporation that has acquired nearly every private security firm on the planet. 

To support the release of this Aspen “Legacy” Anniversary volume, Aspen is bringing in top tier cover artists including direct edition covers for each issue by Keu Cha (Witchblade, Rising Stars) and an Executive Assistant: Iris #1 Retailer Incentive cover by Mike Choi (X-23) in addition to series artist Tran.


Similar to previous Aspen releases in 2018, the publisher is releasing an Executive Assistant: Iris Primer issue for only 25 cents on May 23rd, in addition to the Executive Assistant: Iris Volume 4 trade paperback also on the release date in conjunction with its ten year anniversary celebration. The publisher has provided item codes these titles below to help fans order their copy with their local retailer:

Executive Assistant: Iris PRIMER (One Shot) MAR181186
Executive Assistant: Iris Vol.5 #1a cover – Donny Tran MAR181193
Executive Assistant: Iris Vol.5 #1b cover – Keu Cha MAR181194
Executive Assistant: Iris Vol.5 #1c cover – Mike Choi MAR181195

Executive Assistant: Iris Vol.1 TPB MAR181189
Executive Assistant: Iris Vol.2 TPB MAR181190
Executive Assistant: Iris Vol.3 TPB MAR181191
Executive Assistant: Iris Vol.4 TPB MAR181187

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