YouTuber and developer “ThinMatrix” releases his game Equilinox on Steam

After three years of development, followed by over 80,000 people on YouTube, the nature simulation game Equilinox is finally launched.

Game developing YouTuber Karl Wimble (better known as ThinMatrix) has released his first game “Equilinox” after sharing the whole development process via weekly vlogs over the last three years. Equilinox is a relaxing nature-themed sandbox game in which you create and nurture your own dynamic ecosystems. It is an interesting twist on the city-builder style of games, where instead of cities you build and manage ecosystems.

The game allows you to create ecosystems by placing a variety of different species into to your world. Every plant and animal has its own simulated life-cycle, behaviours and has a different effect on the surrounding environment. Care needs to be taken to keep the ecosystems in an equilibrium otherwise plants will die, animals will starve and diseases will spread! Having healthy, happy animals in your world will earn you points, which can be spent on buying more wildlife for your world. You can also use these points to genetically modify your current species and evolve them to unlock more exotic plants and animals.


Development on Equilinox was started in October 2015 by Karl Wimble, a solo indie game developer. It was initially intended to be a small side project but, thanks to funding from his YouTube community via Patreon, Karl was able to work full-time on developing the game for the past three years. The entire development process has been documented in the form of weekly devlog videos, watched by over 80,000 subscribers on his “ThinMatrix” Youtube channel.

Equilinox is now available on Steam for Windows and Mac at a price of $9.99: