EA Sports FC 24 Review

Developer: EA Vancouver, EA Romania

Platforms: Android, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X (Reviewed)|S

Genre: Sports

Publisher: EA Sports


The introduction of EA Sports FC 24 ends the illustrious FIFA game series. FC 24 is the latest football game that is the go-to game for anyone interested in football. Football simulation is an even more real step than ever before. The game is jam-packed with modes to play, too much to cover in a single review, but I will do my best.

What’s new?

HyperMotionV technology, Playsyles optimised by Opta and an enhanced Frostbite engine are touted as the latest features of an already super realistic game. The updates to the game engine give the game even slicker and smoother gameplay. Updated graphics and the improved physics engine bring the reality and simulation of football closer to the play.

The game features 30+ leagues, 19,000 players, 700-plus clubs, and 100+ stadiums. 

A rich, new soundtrack to mark the new season, there is an excellent mix of music in EA games, and this outing is no different.



Rich gameplay is complemented by the sheer number of licenced players, teams and stadia, which again bring the realism of football to the gaming arena. EA does deliver a visually appealing and thoroughly deep football game that has a broad appeal. The Playstyles add a characteristic attribute to real-world footballers to highlight what they are good at, e.g. strikers may be known for a power shot or finesse shot.

The controls follow previous games, and some are tweaked around shooting. I found it more responsive, which heightens the immersion. All the commands from passing, changing players, and sprinting are smooth and refined, with more minor tweaks.

In the game, you will get a graphical representation where shots were missed and scored at random times during the game, a neat and useful addition, and the game has lots of these.


Game modes?

Ultimate team is still there, along with player career, manager career, seasons, Clubs, Volta and much more that eludes me. FC 24 has many game modes that support offline / online and crossplay features. It’s in-depth, to say the least. 

The presentation and menu system is revamped and changed from the last FIFA game, which does require a little time to adapt to, but nothing a couple of hours won’t fix. 

It plays solid; the game is responsive and fun- annoying at times, too.

The game supports local 2-4 players.



The online experience was good, but the number of players in each mode made finding games easy. However, in Volta online games, I saw people being AFK in total pain as the game didn’t kick players, and no timer was enforced. This needs to be remedied, and it ruined that online experience.

Cross play across is allowed across the same generation of consoles i.e. PC gamers can with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S whereas, PS4 and Xbox One can play together.



You will encounter glitches like players disappearing, players being invisible, and the game just randomly stopping. I experienced all these issues, but usually, after the game finished or a restart fixed the problem. Matters didn’t hamper my review, but it was an annoyance. Some were just funny and somewhat annoying.



The menu system is vast and easy to get lost in at times; this could do with refinement. Online players being AFK is real frustration this really detracted from the Volta online games.

It’s the football game to purchase; it has a formula it knows, and each year has tweaks, refinements and improvements, not a significant change. It’s small pieces of evolution, not revolution. It’s the best football game to buy.

Overall: 8/10

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