EA SPORTS FC 24 Matchday Experience Deep Dive

#FC24 brings your matchday experience even closer to the real thing with SAPIEN Technology, a new gameplay camera, new celebrations and more.

Frostbite ENGINE

From more realistic SAPIEN player models to the ripple of their kits as they beat a defender and an elevated matchday experience, the enhanced Frostbite™ Engine dials up the detail to make every moment in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 look and feel more like football.

SAPIEN Technology: All-new character technology transforms the way players look and move with realistically redesigned player models that are 10x more anatomically precise and correct down to the smallest detail, resulting in smoother animations that reflect the more unique characteristics and body types that make players special. 

GPU Cloth: Kits now move like real-world materials, reacting to a player’s stride, shifting as they change direction, and flowing along with them as they play. The stretching and rippling of the fabric also showcases the athleticism of players, making actions in The World’s Game—from sliding to celebrating—more like the real-world sport.

Dynamic Match Intros: Dynamic Match Intros help you feel the energy of the match as soon as you load in before getting you straight into the action. Each short, punchy sequence sets the stage before kick-off, immersing you in where you’re playing, who you’re playing, and what you’re playing for. Each experience is tailored to the game mode and importance of the moment, weaving together a pre-match narrative that gives you the most relevant context before launching you into kick-off.

Matchday Menus: Matchday Menus make the in-between moments in matches more immersive, bringing you behind the scenes during the pause menu, half-time, and full-time with never-before-seen angles of the action and—for the first time—footage of the pundits and commentators in previously unseen corners of the stadium. 

Feature Lighting: Players are more realistic in EA SPORTS FC™ 24, with enhanced highlights and lighting bringing the faces of The World’s Game to life. Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion technology also delivers depth and detail to the surface of the pitch, helping players stand out in vivid detail using crisp shading and shadows. 


From the crowd to the commentary, nothing feels more like a matchday than EA SPORTS FC™ 24 with fresh features delivering an exciting broadcast experience every time you kick off. 

Second Commentary Team: EA SPORTS FC™ 24 welcomes a new commentary duo into the gantry in Ultimate Team™ and select kick-off modes to provide fresh voices and new energy to matches—storied English commentator Guy Mowbray and former English international Sue Smith as the first female co-commentator in The World’s Game.

HyperMotionV Insight Overlays: Intelligent Broadcast Augmented Reality (AR) analyses the game as it’s played, overlaying the pitch with the insights you need to understand your opponents and take charge of the game including match stats, win probability, shot charts, and more.

Beyond Broadcast Audio: Put yourself in the heart of the stadium, surrounded by all the sounds of football with louder chants, bigger reactions, more passionate crowds, and new authentic audio elements like drums and horns.

New Default Gameplay Camera: EA SPORTS FC™ 24 shows The World’s Game from a fresh angle with the introduction of the Tactical Cam that provides players with an advanced tactical view of the pitch while still capturing the stadium atmosphere in vivid detail.


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