Dead Sky Publishing Announces Corvus

Dead Sky Publishing unleashes a psychological horror that pits characters against their past in a journey like no other

July 2, 2024, (PORTLAND, OR) — Trauma, video games, and a touch of Norse mythology…

Dead Sky Publishing is proud to announce CORVUS, the exciting debut space thriller written by Ringo Nominated Buddy Beaudoin (Gatchaman), with art by Cape Town based illustrator illustrated by Christopher Sassman (Territory, The Darden House), and colors by Allison Hu (LTTRS, Ashes & Dust, Elsewhere). 

When you stare into the stars at night, could you ever imagine what’s staring back could be so…familiar? Aboard Corvus, you’ll explore space,  trauma, delicate interpersonal relationships, and quite often, your own mind as a race of alien beings known as The Mare bring you to the brink of your consciousness and threaten to destroy Earth. 

Daryn Dall is just a normal dude working at a video game store when his life gets turned upside down by some freaky looking aliens, a journey into his own subconscious, and an intergalactic grassroots paramilitary group. Just another day at Game Space! 


“I was writing comedy stories with my self-publishing partner Brennan Freemantle when he asked, ‘hey, can I draw monsters next time?’ said Buddy Beaudoin. “I started putting a plan into action to turn my trauma (my personal monsters) into a project I could love. Brennan didn’t have time to work on a new series when I got started,  but I lucked into finding Chris and Allison. We became fast friends and I think we all love collaborating together. Truly, this book is what it is because of their willingness to both get inside my brain, and offer pieces of their own. What we’ve cooked up is something truly special. I’d say I hope you like it, but for the first time in my life I honestly don’t care. I love it, and you for taking a chance on it.”

“I think there aren’t a lot of projects that offer almost complete creative freedom, and collaboration in the truest sense,” said Christopher Sassman. “So when Buddy came knocking with Corvus (there was a split second where I forgot that I’m being paid to do this, hehe)! And when Allison hopped onboard everything really just took form and the brainchild started growing. I’m extremely fortunate to work with these talented folk, and it’s been pretty eye opening to see how the genuine enjoyment in this collaboration translates into the authenticity of the emotional element that the book relies heavily on – and the zaniness too ! We love making the series and watching the story grow alongside us has been one of the most valuable experiences in my professional career thus far.”


Corvus is one of those once-in-a-lifetime confluences of passion, skill, and newfound friendship,” said Allison Hu. “It’s so rare to work on a book where every part of the process is enjoyable—from the genuine, heartfelt story that is unafraid to take risks or get weird and dark, or that everyone willingly pushes each other to grow and improve our craft in service of said story and the conversations around it. It can’t be taken for granted and I really believe we’ve created something special. I hope you love it as much as we do.”

For fans of Aliens and The Last Starfighter, Corvus #1 hits shops Sept. 25, with cover A and cover B by Laura Helsby and Jason Wordie, now available for preorder.

To learn more about Dead Sky Publishing, visit their website or get the latest news on X.

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