Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection available on Tuesday

Seven Seas is thrilled to announce that the hardcover omnibus Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection, the complete manga series from Devilman creator Go Nagai, will be available at retailers across North America on Tuesday. The transforming android Cutie Honey, considered the first magical girl character written for boys, is now one of the most famous heroines in manga history. This 480-page omnibus follows her complete original run from the 1970s by Go Nagai, and showcases his wild creativity and vision for the future of manga.

Seven Seas has also published a more modern adventure for the character, Cutie Honey a Go Go!, as well as a number of other series by the influential Go Nagai. For thier entire Go Nagai collection, please visit thier website here.

One of the most recognized super-heroines in manga history finally has her original story in print! Both volumes of Go Nagai’s 1973 cult classic are collected in this oversized hardcover tome.

Beautiful but unassuming schoolgirl Kisaragi Honey has a secret–she’s actually an android! Through her father’s amazing technology, she can transform into the unstoppable Cutie Honey. It’s a power that the nefarious criminal organization known as Panther Claw will stop at nothing to possess, even if it means destroying that which Honey loves the most. Experience the original saga of Japan’s iconic super-heroine by Go Nagai, the author of Devilman!

Series: Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection

Story & Art by: Go Nagai

Release Date: 2018/08/28

Price: $27.99

Format: Manga

Trim: 5.875 x 8.25in

Page Count: 480

ISBN: 978-1-626928-25-1

copyright: Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection © 1972 GO NAGAI / DYNAMIC PLANNING


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