Critter Crops Releasing On Steam July 22nd

Cultivate Magical Crops and Community in this Upcoming Cozy Farming Sim

[Wako, Texas] July 5, 2024 – SkyReach Studio and publisher are thrilled to announce the new release date for Critter Crops on PC via Steam on July 22, 2024. Previously slated for April 15th, 2024 the additional time has given the small indie team at SkyReach Studio time to polish Mutter Island. Like a perfectly grown Critter Crop, good things take time!

Join Sylvie, a fledging witch chased from her hometown for her magical talents, as she arrives on Mutter Island. Discover Sylvie’s ability to grow magical Critter Crops, each essential for unlocking the island’s mysteries.

Critter Crops blends charming farming gameplay with isometric role-playing elements, offering a cozy and wholesome experience. Farm, noodle, mine, gather, and explore the island to level up Sylvie’s abilities and delve deeper into Mutter Island’s secrets. Grow 24 unique Critter Crops, each with special growing conditions and skills, crucial for navigating challenges and revitalizing Mur Mur Town.

Experience Sylvie’s journey of growth and discovery as she interacts with newcomers seeking refuge on Mutter Island. Chat with those looking for a fresh start and a new beginning, each with their own stories and aspirations. Use the Friendlees Social Media app to check your relationship status, listen to their needs, and order gifts from Ama-Zomb to enhance their lives on the island. Renovate their homes to provide them with a cozy place to stay and watch Mutter Island flourish into a vibrant community.

“The community around Critter Crops, from our initial Kickstarter to our new release date announcement, has been incredible, and we are thrilled to invite players to experience the enchanting and cozy world of Critter Crops,” said Crystal Sciarrino,SkyBound Studio Founder.”Discovering and nurturing these 24 unique Critters is key to uncovering the island’s secrets and creating a warm, supportive community. We cannot wait for you to discover what we have crafted over the years.”

Prepare to embark on Sylvie’s magical adventure when Critter Crops launches on PC via Steam on July 22, 2024. Wishlist the game now on Steam, and follow SkyReach Studio on X/Twitter and join their community on Discord to stay updated.


SkyReach Studio was founded officially in August of 2021. The studio became a light paving the way to a larger dream for its founder and soon grew into a team effort attempting to reach the stars. Team SkyReach dreams of making games that will touch people’s hearts and resonate with their lives in a fantastical way.

For more information, visit the official SkyReach Studio website.

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